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JP Miller & Sons Services, Inc.

1st year as a Best Pick

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"JP Miller & Sons is a full-service company that has provided total pest solutions for your home, office, and landscape for over 40 years. We offer environmentally responsible services with guaranteed results."

Joseph P. Miller | President

Areas Served:

South Broward County, North Broward County, South Palm Beach County

  • Services Offered
    JP Miller & Sons provides residential and commercial pest control services, including inspection, prevention, elimination, exclusion, wildlife removal, protection plans, and eco-friendly solutions for termites, mosquitoes, rodents, bedbugs, spiders, bees, roaches, fleas, ticks, stink bugs, and wasps.
  • Warranty
    JP Miller & Sons offers warranties based on the types of pests and services rendered.
  • Distinctions
    JP Miller & Sons is QualityPro and GreenPro certified by the National Pest Management Association. James Miller is an Associate Certified Entomologist.
  • Company History
    The local, family-owned-and-operated company was founded in 1974 by Joseph Miller. His sons John and James manage the company.
  • Employee Information
    Employees wear uniforms, drive marked vehicles, and undergo background checks and drug testing.
  • Licenses

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I've had JP Miller & Sons for years, and I wouldn't change them at all. The young man has a personality that's very nice. He just does a fabulous job. He calls and says he's coming the next day, and everything is good. They earned an A—excellent. He is a fantastic young man.
They're fantastic in their communication and informing us when they're coming and what they're doing. Overall, the service quality is fantastic. They mainly do upkeep and monthly pest control. If something different flares up, or something happens, they address those needs as well. I'd give them an A.
They've been doing our pest control for 15 to 20 years. They spray the yard. They're an A+. They do a good job.
Excellent, excellent, excellent. They're consistent, they're reliable, and they do an excellent job. They get an A from me.
The person who took care of who did my service was very good. They were spraying, fertilizing, and spraying for pesticides. It was just general maintenance; no problems. They're excellent—A.
They're good at getting the job done, and they don't have a high turnover rate. I've had the same bug man for about five years now. They do some routine maintenance procedures every other month. I'd give them an A.
They're 100 percent positive. They send the same representative every time I have service, so he gets to know my home and the setup, and he's more than helpful when it comes to taking care of my pest needs. It's really routine maintenance at this point. I have service every other month. I don't know if they spray for mosquitoes. I know they spray the lawn. I'm not sure exactly what the chemicals are that they're using, or what they're fighting against, but I have seen them spray the lawn. I'd give them an A+.
The gentleman that comes to my house, hopefully I never lose him. He's great. They do standard pest control, and then they also do some mice traps or whatever they're called. I'd give them an A+.
They're very good. They've just done the job ever since I've had them for the last 35 years. It's just standard pest control work. My experience with them was an A+.
They're very good. It's a routine service. They're good. They spray for carpenter ants actually. It's an A+ with them.

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