2015 EBSCO Research Best Pick

Connor's Termite & Pest Control

4th year as a Best Pick

"Connor's mission is to provide excellent pest management services, to respond to our customers' needs, to use only environmentally safe solutions, and to care for the clients who choose us. We are a family-owned, local company with a commitment to the communities we serve."

Robin Mountjoy | General Manager

Areas Served:

Montgomery, Howard, Anne Arundel, Prince George's

  • Services Offered
    Connor's Termite & Pest Control offers residential and commercial pest control services, including pest protection plans, termite prevention and elimination, rodent and wildlife removal, bedbug detection and elimination, and repairs for insect damage.
  • Specializations
    The company offers termite colony elimination technology with the Sentricon system. Connor's also specializes in bedbug detection using NESDCA-certified canines and bedbug elimination using heat treatment.
  • Warranty
    Connor's offers termite and pest warranties.
  • Organizations
    Connor's belongs to the National Pest Management Association and the Virginia Pest Management Association.
  • Company History
    Bob Connor, Sr., founded the family-owned-and-operated business in 1944, and it is currently run by second- and third-generation family members.
  • Licenses

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Connor's is fabulous. First of all, they don't use toxic chemicals. I had termites, and they put these little things around my house so that when the termite hops in, it sets off this little detector thing. They also do ant treatment, and they spray stuff that ants don't like, such as cinnamon, and they take care of the mosquitoes with a combination of rosemary mixed with something else. They're just fabulous people. I'd give them an A+.
We've used Connor's for about three and a half years, and they've done an outstanding job for us. We're under the yearly pest control plan, and they've done our initial termite inspection and control. They're outstanding. They're definitely an A+.
We love Connor's. They're great. They come out, they do the job, and I have no mice running around the house. The service is great—the best it can be. I'm really happy with those guys.
They are always punctual. Actually, they're usually better than punctual—they get here early. They remember when I don't. They've taken care of all my bug problems the moment I have them, which is wonderful. My parents use them as well. They used them while I was growing up, and they've always done a really good job for us. It's pretty much been a lifetime of good service. You can't say that about every company. Actually, the guy out here—his name is Chip—he's amazing, and he's just been wonderful. They get an A+.
They're servicing about four people in our family. It's always been an absolutely positive experience. They seem extremely professional, they know what they're doing, and they're polite and efficient—all of those are important. They do routine maintenance at my house, and they've just taken a contract with my mom's place. There have been some problems, and they have taken care of those. They will be maintaining her property on a regular basis as well, but they took care of the issues that were there. They get an excellent grade. I've referred them to many people. That's an A+.
I had a good experience—excellent. I think they did the termite thing for us. They were excellent, on time, and they did everything they were supposed to, so we were pleased with them. We had a contract with them. I would recommend them. The technicians seemed to be knowledgeable and had a good attitude. I would give them an A+.
I thought Connor's was excellent. They did some outside termite treatments. The quality of the work was great. I certainly would and have recommended the company. It was A+.
They came and checked for any kind of activity as far as bugs are concerned. The technician was wonderful. I would recommend them and rate them an A+.
I had a moth problem, and I asked them to come in. They looked at what I had gotten to try to handle it myself, and they told me that I had done everything right and that there was really no need for them to do anything. It was just a question of waiting for the last few to die, and they could've easily told me, 'Yeah, you need to buy this or this or this,' but they were just so honest. I've had them come back to treat the backyard for ticks because I got bit by a tick, and they just did such a fantastic job. I have a contract with them now to make sure the backyard stays tick free. I asked a friend of mine who he used as an exterminator, and he said he always used Connor's. This is a company that I will recommend to my friends as well. I'll have to give them an A+—they even liked the dog.
Connor's was very efficient. Their quality of work was great. The workers were very informative and did everything they said they were going to do. The time frame the work was finished in was perfect. I just thought the person who came was very polite and very patient. I'd grade them an A+.

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