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Trutech LLC

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"We've been in business since 1984, and we offer guaranteed exclusion repairs to prevent animals from re-entering your home, removal and replacement of contaminated insulation, and an innovative gutter protection system. We're here to offer you protection and peace of mind."

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Areas Served:

West Houston Suburbs, North Houston Suburbs, Fort Bend County & Southwest Houston, The Heights/Midtown

  • Services Offered
    Trutech LLC provides removal and relocation services for nuisance wildlife, including flying and gray squirrels, raccoons, coyotes, foxes, rats, mice, opossums, snakes, bats, birds, moles, beavers, feral cats, dogs, birds, and hogs. The company also treats for bees, yellow jackets, wasps, and hornets. Additionally, Trutech offers dead animal removal and wildlife exclusion repairs.
  • Services Not Offered
    The company does not treat for termites.
  • Employee Information
    All employees of Trutech must pass thorough background checks and drug screenings.
  • Additional Information
    The company has a dedicated team that provides 24-hour service for emergency wildlife situations.
  • Licenses
    TPCL #570674

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They were very efficient. We had a raccoon removed from the home. The customer service was perfect. I'd used them once before. I would give them an A.
They came out to remove a wasp's nest. They came fairly quickly. Their customer service was very good and friendly—I have no complaints there. My pest control people recommended them. I would give them an A+ rating.
Everything was really good. It was at my business, and there was a snake under my couch. The snake was dead, but I was freaking out. He did great. The customer service was really good. He explained everything great to us. It was late at night. I actually called another company, but they said that they were a sister company with Trutech, so they transferred us. That's when we spoke with the gentleman who helped us out. I would definitely grade them as an A+.
They were good. They inspected the house for rodents, but they didn't find anything. They said that the house was clean, so that's good to know. They were professional. I got a recommendation from the people who take care of my house. They deserve an A+ rating.
They just took out a bird's nest in one of those vents. Everything was great with their customer service. They responded back real quick and came over quick too. I would give them an A+ grade.
The actual service spanned a few weeks. The guy kept coming back until the problem was solved, and they finished the job for me. Their customer service was very friendly and professional. They're an A+.
Trutech was very good. They removed three animals. They just did a very good job. They were recommended. I don't have any complaints about their customer service. I would rate them as an A.
They were the ones who did my outdoor vents because I had some bird issues. There was a bird's nest in there. They were very professional. Honestly, they were the only ones really willing to do the work, and they were very clear about what they could help me with. Everyone else told me to call either pest removal or vent cleaners—the pest removal people kept telling me to call the vent cleaners, and the vent cleaners kept telling me to call the pest removal. They get an A grade.
The technician was very helpful in explaining what he was doing. Trutech was just very informative. They were here for a mole and a gopher. The customer service was very good. We originally had their sister company. I would give them an A.
He showed up on time and got rid of the problem. I had a squirrel that got stuck in my house, and they just came and got him out. Their customer service was very good. They were the only ones that were open on Sunday. They'd get an A based on the work.

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