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"Natran's priority is to put your family, pets, and the planet first in our relentless pursuit to provide low-impact, eco-friendly pest solutions. Our highly skilled technicians treat your home as their own and will take the time to cater to customers' specific needs. You can be assured that Natran will make your home and outside pest free."

Chris Seideman | COO

Areas Served:

West Houston Suburbs, North Houston Suburbs, Fort Bend County & Southwest Houston, The Heights/Midtown

  • Services Offered
    Natran offers "green" pest control, mosquito prevention, termite control, and rodent solutions for residential and commercial customers. Natran focuses on environmentally friendly methods to prevent and treat for insects.
  • Company History
    Natran, formerly known as Nature's Pest Solutions, rebranded itself in July of 2014. The company has been operating since 2006.
  • Employee Information
    Employees of the local company wear uniforms and drive marked vehicles. Natran employees undergo background checks and are hired based on their ability to meet the company's professional qualifications.
  • Licenses
    TPCL #700815

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They've done external general insect control and one annual external fire ant treatment. I have very few if any insects in the house, and when I have had invasions of ants or roaches in the past, they have quickly and effectively dealt with them in one visit. This is my first year using the fire ant treatment, but I have had zero problems so far with fire ants after years of trouble. I also greatly appreciate that the products are green, and I don't worry about my kids playing in the yard even later the same day as the treatment.
Natran provides my home with regular barrier protection from outdoor pests. I also have the yard fogged for mosquitoes. Natran is very communicative. They call ahead of time to let me know when someone is coming. The person who comes will let me know when they arrive and are ready to leave, and give me an opportunity to express any questions or concerns. They are always very knowledgeable.
They do regular pest control and checking for rodents in the attic and blocking possible entry points. The workers were very congenial and helpful—they removed a dead raccoon which had died in the garage.
They've done mosquito fogging of the backyard. Natran emails and calls before coming out for scheduled service.
They sprayed around my house and put out some powder, which I think was for ants. They are very supportive of getting done what I request. They do not try and change my mind about what I want done.
Natran provides quarterly pest control services for us. Everything with Natran is a positive experience, from the office staff to the technicians. All employees that I have dealt with are polite, courteous, personable, and reliable.
They did carpenter ant eradication and flea control in the house and yard. The technician was highly knowledgeable in his execution and technique to eradicate the pests in question. He explained each step of his work and how it would result in a positive outcome of eliminating the pests which he was hired to eliminate.
They sprayed for common pests and roaches inside and outside. The techs showed up on time and looked very professional. They spoke English, so it was easy to communicate. I like that they are green and the pesticides are safer.
Natran treats my home, inside and out, for roaches, fleas, etc.—typical pest control treatments. They arrive as scheduled, do the work thoroughly and quickly, and are willing to return if needed. Employees are polite and respectful.
They did interior and exterior pest treatment and exterior yard fogging. They communicate effectively and timely. They do what they say. They explained their technique, process, and ingredients used.

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