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Pestex Inc.

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"We've built our reputation on expert knowledge and outstanding customer service while consistently offering our clients the benefit of eco-friendly treatment solutions focused on the welfare of our precious environment."

Dan Fleischer | Founder

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    Pestex Inc. provides full-service pest management services for all structural and outdoor pests, including bedbugs, termites, clothing moths, mosquitoes, and ticks. The company also offers integrated control strategies for long-term treatment and 24/7 emergency service.
  • Awards & Certifications
    Pestex has a Board Certified Entomologist on staff with more than 45 years of industry experience. The company is GreenPro and QualityPro Certified by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA).
  • Organizations
    The company is a member of the NPMA, the New England Pest Management Association, and the Professional Pest Management Alliance.
  • Company History
    Dan Fleischer founded the company in 1991, following in his father's footsteps. Pestex is currently managed by Dan's son Doug Fleischer, a fourth-generation pest control professional.
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Pestex was awesome.
They came out to look for some pests, but we didn't have any—it was just an inspection. Their customer service was excellent; they were just very friendly. They were a little late, but they called to let me know. I would recommend them—I'd grade them an A.
I liked their workers and their follow-up. I would give them an A+ grade.
They did preventative care and mousetraps. I was referred by a friend. I would grade them as an A+; the worker was great, and the customer service has been great.
It's very nice. The guy was nice, and he took care of it. I'm happy with the service. They had done termite work, and there were still some termites, so he came back, did another treatment, and checked them all around the house. He said everything else was OK and he would be back in the spring. I would definitely recommend them. Their work was A+.
I would grade Pestex as an A.
They were fine, and they did fine. Everything was very good. We hired them to spray for ants. We still had a problem after they sprayed the first time, so they came back a second time, and there have been no issues. I would recommend them—I would rate them an A.
They were diligent and responsive; they were as thorough as could be. They do my restaurants, too—they are there constantly. I would recommend them, and I would grade them as an A.
They did a good job.
They were friendly, dependable, and professional. We've used them a couple of times over the years. I would give them an A rating.

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