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"1st Choice Painting and Carpentry is built upon a client-centered philosophy for both service and project offerings. We employ a 'house-as-a-system' approach, facilitating a 'big-picture' viewpoint that creates confidence in making choices that will work for your home. Our aim is to be your trusted partner in the care of your home."

John Rabner | Owner
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1st Choice Painting and Carpentry provides interior and exterior painting services for residential customers. The company also offers carpentry services; molding, door, and window installations; drywall installation and repair; general repairs; and safety and accessibility enhancements.
The company offers a two-year labor warranty and honors manufacturer and product warranties.
Company History
1st Choice is a local, family-owned-and-operated company that was founded in 1991.
The company is an EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm.
Areas Served
Washington, DC
A selection of 51 homeowner reviews:
“1st Choice Painting was very, very clean and very careful. All the painting was done very neatly. We were very pleased with the work. They did interior painting. I would give them an A. They were extremely neat—unbelievably neat.”
“They did exterior work. They were very responsive, and they kept me in the loop about exactly what they were doing, when, and how. That was great. I would hire them again in a second, and I have already recommended them. They were great—A+.”
“They did exterior painting. The owner of the company was very personable. He wanted to get to know who the owner of the house was before they started painting so they could get a feel for the house. They deserve an A, definitely.”
“They painted my son's room and did a bunch of patch work in other places. They did the work quickly and well—A.”
“They painted. We were getting the house ready to sell. They touched up the exterior of the house. We didn't have any complaints. They showed up when we expected them to, and they got the work done promptly.”
“I have had no complaints with 1st Choice.”
“We haven't had any painting done in a while. They listened carefully, they made changes in consultation with us, they were thorough, and they did the job on time. We remodeled a bathroom. I would grade them an A.”
“I liked the professionalism. They really took their time to assess the work that needed to be done and also the materials, especially the paint that will match my original paint. The work was extremely well done. What they did for me was to repair a hole that had been dug by carpenter bees on my rear door. They did a fine job, and the same day, the bees came back. I hadn't realized. That wasn't part of the painting. It was just that the bees had had this home for some time, and they knew exactly where to go back to and all of that. Once I called Mr. Rabner, the owner of the place, he was very responsive, and they were just very good people—highly professional, courteous, and very, very caring. They did carpentry and painting. That was the work they did because the door that was damaged by the bees. It's in the rear of my home, and it's a wooden frame, so that was the carpentry part. Once they had fixed the holes and the damage, they had to paint it, and then they also painted the frame of my garage, which is up front. The paint they got was exactly the same as my original paint. I really appreciated the thoroughness, the patience, and just the expertise of the people. I got a copy of the Best Pick Reports, and that's where I got them. I had tried other sources, and it just didn't work out. I didn't trust the people that I was getting. I made other inquiries. I spoke to people, and then once I got the Best Pick Reports, I read the comments. I went to the Best Pick website, and then I called a few people from the Best Pick Reports. I mean, I just was pleased to have gotten the names of the two people I picked from the book. I look forward to another copy because it's good to have a reliable source and not just people who produce reports and say good things. This is several months since the work was done at my home, but Best Picks hasn't forgotten that they need to get feedback on the quality of the work, so I really like that. That makes me feel at ease to use Best Picks, and I already recommended it to other people who didn't know about it. For the work, I would give them an A without question.”
“It was a totally satisfactory performance—very professional work. They did everything they were supposed to do and a little more; they were very helpful. Good crew. I'd rate them as an A. They did a whole-house exterior painting.”
“Well, it was done fairly quick actually. I think all the painting and everything was done in a matter of three days. While all this work was going on, I was never home, but it seems like they did a good job. Everything's all right. They painted—it wasn't such a huge job. They had to paint my living room area. I'll give them an A.”