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Affordable Weaver

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"At Affordable Weaver, we felt that the industry standards weren't strong enough, so we developed The Affordable Weaver Promise: 'Your paint job done on time, within budget, and without hassle.' We pair this with an uncompromising consumer protection policy in order to ensure that the job gets done right."

Wayne Weaver | Owner

Areas Served:

Montgomery County, Chester County, The Main Line, Bucks County, Delaware County

  • Services Offered
    Affordable Weaver provides interior and exterior painting services for homeowners, businesses, and new construction projects. The company provides free, written estimates that detail the bid, preparation specifics, and a timeline for project completion.
  • Warranty
    The company offers job-specific warranties on all work.
  • Company History
    Affordable Weaver is a local, family-owned-and-operated painting company that was established in 1990.
  • Product Information
    Affordable Weaver uses brand-name paint products, such as Sherwin-Williams, M.A.B., and Finnaren & Haley.
  • Additional Information
    The company follows a six-point Affordable Weaver Consumer Protection Policy.
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Affordable Weaver did an excellent job. There was some significant wood rot, so they had to fill, prime, and essentially resculpt the big custom molding on our house under the windows. This house is antique, so a lot of the stuff is unique and very specific architecturally, and they did all of that and stayed in line. Even when there was some follow-up work that had to be done on the repair, they came out with no issue whatsoever. They fixed it, and it's all beautifully done—I haven't had any problems since. Their scheduling was easy, and they were easy to work with. I asked if I could structure the payments a certain way, and they were very understanding and willing to work with me to get the work done. They absolutely earned their A+ from me.
I'd give Affordable Weaver a very high rating. They deserve an A—they did a top-notch job, they were very courteous, they were very fast, and they were a pleasure to work with.
As a matter of fact, we've had Affordable Weaver twice. Once, we had wallpaper removed, and another time, we had them paint over another surface. Any time we talked about pros and cons, they knew their stuff. They were very thorough in making sure that the colors selected were accurate, and when they said they were going to be there, they were. When they came in to get the information, I remember it being a very easy experience. They were friendly, but they also were very thorough in getting their information. I was impressed. They get an A+.
They were accommodating, they were pleasant, they showed up on time, and the quality of work was exceptional. They painted the exterior and interior of my home, and I would give the job an A grade.
The people from Affordable Weaver were very cordial and prompt. The owner is nice—I can't speak more highly of their boss. What they said they were going to do, they did, and the team of painters that they sent out came in and did their work very quietly. Some people come in with their radios and make noise, but you wouldn't even have known that the crew they sent out was here. When they went to lunch, they all went to lunch very quietly. They came in the time that they said they were coming, and they cleaned up when they left. They get an A—I would definitely recommend them. When I saw problems and asked for them to come back, they did. They're good, and they're supposed to come back to help me out again.
Affordable Weaver painted the outside of my house. They were quick and clean, and they did a beautiful job. First, they power washed, and then they painted and cleaned up. I heard of them because my next-door neighbor used them, and I thought they did a great job. I'd like to give them an A.
We were happy with the work Affordable Weaver did. We had some pretty hideous wallpaper up in our kitchen, and they stripped it all and then repainted the kitchen walls. We have a home office, which they painted as well. They did a nice job. There was a lot of work, especially getting in between the spaces where the wallpaper was in the kitchen because of all the windows, but they were efficient. Some of the stuff they used to take the wallpaper down left a little discoloration on our ceiling. We called, and they sent someone right back out to touch it up. Now, it looks great. Things don't always go perfectly, but the fact that they came back out and made it right so quickly was important to us. It earned them an A.
Affordable Weaver did a great job. They were quick, thorough, and exceptionally clean. They put drop cloths through the whole house—even rooms they weren't painting—just to walk on. They just really did a good job, and they were nice guys, too. I'll give them an A.
They were on time, they were neat, and they cleaned up everything—I didn't have to clean up after them when they left. They were very responsive, they were very courteous, and they did a good job. They've been here twice in the past six months for interior and exterior work. I think I would grade them an A+.
Affordable Weaver did interior painting, and they were efficient and thorough. They came on time, and they worked all throughout the day until the end of the day. They deserve an A.

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