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Home Works Painting, LLC

6th year as a Best Pick

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"We approach every project with the idea that customer satisfaction is the first priority. A majority of our work comes from referrals and repeat customers. We know that happy customers will hire us again for future projects and let their family, friends, and neighbors know about their experience as well."

Mike Katounas | President

Areas Served:

Prince William, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Arlington County

  • Services Offered
    Home Works Painting performs interior and exterior painting; pressure washing; wallpaper removal; drywall installation and repair; color consultations; and carpentry services, including installation of interior trim and doors and replacement of wood rot.
  • Minimum Job
    A $400 minimum is required.
  • Warranty
    Home Works Painting provides a two-year warranty on all labor and materials.
  • Organizations
    Home Works Painting is a member of the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America. The company is also involved with several local charities, including Shelter House and the American Cancer Society.
  • Company History
    Home Works Painting was founded in 2005 and is a locally owned, family business. Company president Mike Katounas has worked in the painting industry for over 15 years.
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They were very responsive to all of our questions and to any orders that changed. We had a bunch of change orders during the project, and they were always very, very cooperative and willing to make the changes as necessary and spend the time they needed to spend. They were very thorough and detail oriented. We wanted it to be very precise, and they were excellent about that. There was a good communication plan, a good job foreman, and a good group of people that we were able to work with. We could easily talk to them about corrections, changes, or any of that kind of stuff throughout the job, and they were always in touch with us. They made some big changes—we ended up having to do some drywall work that we weren't expecting to do, and we ended up having to do some construction on our fireplace during the course of the job. They were great about helping us with that. They did a couple of things for us. It wasn't a massive job; it wasn't a big renovation, but it wasn't just a standard paint job either. They did some trim work and carpentry for us. They painted the upper and main level; they did all the trim and all the walls, and it was a lot of work. We changed our mind about a couple of things along the way, and they were just great about it. It looks great—it looks really, really good. We got a lot of compliments on it, and it's very, very well done. We're very pleased, overall, with how it came out. It looks beautiful.
The painters that were out here said that they weren't scheduled to paint the top eave of the house, so I called the guy who gave me the estimate, who was the owner of the company, and he told them to go ahead and paint it. They said they would have to buy more paint, and he said to go buy more paint and paint it—he wanted it all painted. I'm not sure whether that was officially part of the estimate when he figured out the overall cost of the job, or whether he overlooked it and didn't charge me because he didn't tell these guys to do it, but either way, he stood behind it. It cost him more money and more work, but he stood behind it and did it to satisfy the customer. I really appreciated that. After they were done, they sent another man out to check the details on things—for example, to make sure that the little railings, which had to be taken down to paint, were up properly. He checked to make sure all the different corners and areas and things were done properly. I thought it was pretty nice that they sent a guy out afterward to ensure that their work was completed. Everything was picked up, put away, and cleaned up. The work is looking great. They did an excellent job. I think they got most of it done in a day, and then they came back, did a little more checking, and finished it out. I was just very satisfied. I will always use Home Works Painting while I am here in this area.
They do additional work that is not necessarily quoted in their estimate—they did a lot of additional prep work that we did not get a quote for, but because they wanted the job to be done right the first time, they went ahead and did a lot of prep things. They patched up a lot of things and spent a lot of time doing prep work to make the job right. They didn't charge me for the extra work, because if the base work wasn't done correctly, then the overall paint job would turn out bad because of it. We did it because we were getting ready to move, and everything was so perfect. I really think that we were able to do things in our home a lot more easily because of the paint and because of the job that they did. They just did a really good job painting. There weren't any messes or paint splatters or anything like that, and we didn't have to go around and fix any holes or overpainting or anything like that. They did a really good job the first time without having to come back and fix anything. I would absolutely recommend Home Works Painting. The owner, Mike, is easy to work with and very flexible. He gives you an honest opinion as far as how much work is going to need to be done and how much it's going to cost.
They painted all the exterior trim on the house. The work performed was excellent, and the company was easy to work with.
Home Works painted the entire main floor of my home. This included the kitchen, family room, dining room, foyer, laundry room, and powder room. Our experience with Home Works Painting was fantastic. Mike, the owner, was extremely professional and informative when he came out for our initial estimate. We were very happy with their competitive prices. All of the work was completed within two days—faster than the estimated three days—and with only two workers. The workers were very professional, their work was fantastic, and they always cleaned up before leaving.
They painted the outside my house as well as replaced some fascia boards. They also painted the first floor and installed crown molding. They were efficient and neat, and they did a very good job.
Home Works did exterior painting and drywall repair. The job was done quickly and correctly.
Home Works has done work for us several times. At first, they painted four of our rooms. Then, we had them power wash and seal a multistory deck, and their last work was to paint two large built-in closets. They sent someone to survey the work, offer suggestions and advice when asked, and provide an estimate. The work was performed by experienced workmen, and it was well supervised. Their crews did an outstanding job, from preparation to work execution to cleanup.
Home Works did interior painting in the townhome I sold in 2010 and painting in the interior of the single-family home I bought the same year. They painted the exterior of that home in 2014. There was some work before 2010, but I don't recall the details. I have been very happy with their work. Home Works does a very professional job. Their work for me was done on schedule, and the crews were not sloppy. We had a couple miscommunications on one of the jobs that were immediately corrected.
They repaired stress cracks and larger nail holes and painted multiple walls in the house. They were very quick to get the work done. They also understood what we were trying to accomplish, and they did a great job working to meet our goals and not trying to sell us on stuff that didn't need to be done.

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