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Klappenberger & Son

2nd year as a Best Pick

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Since 1989, we have put you, the customer, first. That means fair pricing, prompt service, and the quality you deserve. Our trained painters do things the Klappenberger & Son way. We strongly believe in the benefits of 'best practices' and doing things right the first time.

David Klappenberger | Owner

Areas Served:

Anne Arundel, Howard, Montgomery

  • Services Offered
    Klappenberger & Son is a full-service painting company offering residential and commercial customers interior and exterior painting, power washing, wallpaper removal, deck and fence sealing and staining, and lead paint encapsulation.
  • Minimum Job
    The company requires a $1,200 minimum.
  • Company History
    David Klappenberger founded the company in 1989. Dale Reeder, the company's marketing director, joined Klappenberger & Son in 1991.
  • Employee Information
    Klappenberger & Son has four carpenters on staff. According to the company, all painters are field trained and tested prior to working in customers' homes.
  • Licenses
    MHIC #39535

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The owner and the manager both came to give me an estimate, so they seemed interested. They sent one of their better teams to do the work, and they did a very nice job. There were two gentlemen who came, and they did my whole living room, my dining room, and the hallway and stairway to my basement. I'm thinking about calling them back. I found them when I was looking for painters near where I live. I had interviewed two other companies that I just had some reservations about for whatever reason, but Klappenberger & Son was awesome. I would grade them as an A+.
They're very responsive and flexible with payment, and they did a good job. They did interior painting for me. They were recommended by the local paint store. I would grade them as an A+; they were good.
They painted my fence last year, and the work got done. I'd say they're A+.
They showed up on time, and they did a good job. They did what they said they were going to do. They did exterior painting, and they repainted my deck. The jobsite looked very good after they were done. Klappenberger & Son gets an A.
They took care of the project fast, and I was satisfied with the work. It was both interior and exterior painting, and the work was good. Their customer service was good, too. I know that when they came over to do the estimate, I had a good experience, and that's why I chose to go with them. I would grade them as an A.
They did a lot of work for me. They were on time, and I liked that the painters were very adaptable. They were able to do fly-as-you-go types of things—a little change here, and a little change there. They cleaned up after themselves, too. It was just a great bunch of guys as a team. They did a lot interior work, and they did the entire outside of the house. It was great. They did cedar siding, and they stained the entire house, did the trim, and even had some carpenters repair the trim. I knew ahead of time that it was bad, so they replaced the trim as necessary, and it was just as smooth as it could be. I'd call their customer service 100 percent. I'd say they're an A.
Klappenberger & Son did what I contracted them to do. They did interior residential painting in one room for me. Their customer service was good. I contacted them to give me a proposal, and they came out and met with me. Then, they gave me a proposal, and we agreed to it. They said, 'We will be here on this day at this time to do the work,' and that's what happened. They were the first company that was responsive. I would give them an A—they did a great job.
They were very neat while they worked, and they didn't spill anything. They didn't work fast, but they did everything in a timely manner. They finished in two days what I thought would take them three days. I was very happy with everything that they did. It was all interior painting. I had them do a dining room and two bedrooms. I also had wallpaper that needed to be removed, and that was also well done. It was very difficult; they got the wallpaper off very easily and quickly, but they had to sand everything because there was a glue that had to be sanded off, and that was very messy. They tried to keep the windows open to keep the room well ventilated, but that job was a lot harder. The man that did the painting was all finished, so he left. The man that had to remove the wallpaper had two rooms to finish—he had the kitchen and the bathroom. He did both rooms, and I was sorry it was so messy, but I understood what he was doing. Once the sanding was over and the messy part was over, he could proceed with the painting. I was satisfied with that also. They took longer, but I was satisfied. I thought that their customer service was good, too. For instance, the painter helped me hang up all the pictures and a clock. All the chairs were put back in the order that they were in when they arrived. The kitchen and bathroom were a lot harder, but he still tried to put them back. I thought both jobs were done well. I chose Klappenberger & Son because my daughter used them and was very happy with them; I got a good recommendation from her. I would grade them as an A all the way around.
They were friendly and did a good job, and everything went smoothly. They did interior painting. I believe they were the ones that came when we had a termite problem—they were hired by that company. I'd give them an A grade.
Klappenberger & Son has been great. They came recommended, and that was a good start. They were easy to work with and very professional, and they made sure that we got the job done. If we had some hiccups along the way, they went out of their way to correct those. They did both interior and exterior painting. They always cleaned up afterward. I was never there when they were doing the work, but they did a great job. I would rate them as an A.

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