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Turnkey Painting Plus

2nd year as a Best Pick

  • A-Rated
  • Verified General Liability

"Turnkey Painting Plus has one company motto: 'Whatever it takes.' This is what we do to make sure customers are 100 percent satisfied. Turnkey offers competitive pricing and long warranties coupled with the highest-quality materials and craftsmanship. We always provide excellent service."

Bob Dimon | Owner & President

Areas Served:

West Houston Suburbs, North Houston Suburbs, Fort Bend County & Southwest Houston, The Heights/Midtown

  • Services Offered
    Turnkey Painting Plus provides complete interior and exterior painting services as well as construction services, including carpentry, cabinets, tile, countertops, and minor remodeling. The company also performs faux finishing.
  • Minimum Job
    Turnkey Painting requires a $250 job minimum.
  • Warranty
    The company offers a five-year warranty on all exterior paint work.
  • Company History
    Turnkey is a local company that has been providing painting and remodeling services to the Houston area since 1992.
  • Employee Information
    All of the company's employees wear uniforms, and a majority of the staff has been working for Turnkey Painting Plus for more than ten years.

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Bob does an excellent job—he's the only person I work with. He's very responsive, he's very professional, and they do excellent work. They've repainted my bedroom ceiling and walls; they've redone my bathrooms; they've painted another bedroom, hallway, and dining room; they put in new light fixtures in the kitchen; and they redid my atrium. It's because of Bob—that's the reason I do it. I'd give them an A. I have no complaints about Turnkey.
They were very professional, they got the job done—it was a difficult job—and they left a very good project. It was clean. They removed wallpaper from our kitchen wall, and they painted. They patched a hole, and they did a really good job. I'd give Turnkey Painting an A.
They did a good job. They have a lot of courtesy, and they're pretty professional. They do their job, and they do things promptly. They do exterior painting. I called a couple more places, but I chose them because they had good reviews—that was one of the reasons. I'd have to give them an A.
They painted my house and seemed to do a good job. They did the exterior of my home. I've used them before. I'd give them an A.
They were on time, and they came at the time they said they would come, so they came on time and finished the job on time. I didn't have a problem with that. They did exterior painting. I think I found them in the Best Pick Reports book. I'd give them an A.
They showed up on time and painted really well. They painted three rooms. If I could grade them, it'd be an A.
They were quick to come out, and they did a good job. They've been out multiple times. They painted the exterior of the house, and they did work on the inside of the house. They deserve an A.
They did exactly what we asked them to do, and they did a nice job for us. I had them work on our bathrooms and do some interior rework. They had originally done our house in the first place, and then we got it ready to be sold, so they came back in and redid some work for us. They fixed the trim and things like that. It was a large house. I've worked with them a couple times. I chose them because a friend of mine recommended them to me. They did a nice job for us.
It was fine. I liked that they were able to complete all the projects that I needed. They did both interior and exterior painting and installed wood floors.
We used Turnkey Painting, and it was pretty good. They came in, they did a good job, and they left. When you hire a contractor to come into your house, you want as small a disruption as possible, and they did a good job of that. There were some issues and some things we found that we didn't like during the time they were there; we'd point that out to them, and they would fix it. We appreciated that. We had trim put down, crown molding put in, floor molding put in, the whole front third of our house painted, electrical work done—we had a lot of stuff done. It wasn't a huge job for those guys, but they were very efficient in their work. They got there on time when they said they would, they worked hard, they caused as little disruption as possible, and they ended when they said they were going to. They said, 'We'll have this job done in a certain period of time,' and they did just that. We were very happy with them.

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