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Xquisite Finishes

Honorable Mention

  • A-Rated
  • Verified General Liability

"Communication with clients is a key part of our service. Our team leaders have years of experience and are artists in what they do. They understand that we are guests in our clients' houses and that the clients expect nothing short of perfection in the work that is accomplished. Our motto is 'Perfection is the expected rather than the goal.'"

Jim Aswell | Owner

Areas Served:

North Houston Suburbs, The Heights/Midtown

  • Services Offered
    Xquisite Finishes provides residential and commercial interior and exterior painting services, including color consultations, wallpaper removal, staining, and faux finishes. The company also offers rotten wood replacement, carpentry services, patio covers, outdoor kitchens, and kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Xquisite does not remove lead paint.
  • Minimum Job
    All jobs require a $500 minimum.
  • Warranty
    The company offers manufacturer warranties and a four-year warranty on labor.
  • Company History
    Jim Aswell and Billy Parker founded the local company in 2010.
  • Employee Information
    Employees undergo background checks and drug testing.
  • Honorable Mention Status
    While Honorable Mentions have fewer reviews than Best Picks, they are held to the same quality standards.

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A selection of homeowner reviews:


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We were pleased with their service. They did everything that they could to make us satisfied. There were a few issues that we ran into that were not really their fault, our fault, or anybody else's fault. It was some equipment failure and stuff, but they made it right, so I can't ask for any more than that. We had our kitchen cabinets painted and basically all the walls in the lower story of our house.
The people at Xquisite Finishes are wonderful. I was very pleased with the work they did. They painted some interior rooms and put up lighting, and I'm going to have them paint the outside of my house. If they tell you they're going to do something, they do it. They were extremely cordial and very personable. They gave me options and suggestions and helped me a lot. I would give them an A.
They're excellent. They did a really good job. They clean up everything, and they're very professional. They tell you exactly what's going to be done, and they get the job done. I needed some drywall plastered, so they did that and painted that room. Then, I had the outside of my front door painted. They're an A.
They were fantastic. They were great to work with—really easy and honest. They painted ten rooms and my home's exterior.
Xquisite Finishes was very thorough, they were very professional, and they did a fantastic job. We were very pleased. They painted the exterior of my house. They get an A from me.
Primarily, I liked the customer service. I honestly think he's done a very good job with his hiring procedures as well, with everyone he has sent out to represent the company. We have seen several different crews as I've had jobs done through the years, and every one of those crews has represented themselves well, which is important to me as I'm usually there with my children. The work has been superior and so has the administration. They certainly get an A from me.
The owners had good attention to detail. They're very helpful—they helped me with some other things as well. They painted the interior of the house—maybe four rooms. I would give them an excellent grade because they did a good job.
They were very quick. I called them on a Saturday, and they were out the next Monday, so they had a quick response. They did Sheetrock repair from water damage. I chose them since they could do it when I needed them to. They're A+.
Xquisite knew what they were doing. They took care of everything and did a good job. They kept checking on the workers, and it was just a good job. They repainted our whole house inside. They painted about eight rooms. I would give them an A.
They were on time, they did exactly what they said they were going to do, and they did a great job. I had water damage on walls in the house, and they came in, replaced the drywall, retextured it, and painted. I think I got them from a referral from some neighbor. I would rate them as an A.

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