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Catchlight Painting

4th year as a Best Pick

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"Achieving a fine finish, one that beautifully complements the architecture of an historic or contemporary home, is a Catchlight trademark. We are committed to quality workmanship, courteous customer service, and beautiful, lasting results. At Catchlight Painting, our goal is to exceed all your expectations."

Nigel Costolloe | Principal

Areas Served:

Greater Boston, MetroWest, North Shore, South Shore

  • Services Offered
    Catchlight Painting performs residential interior and exterior painting, light carpentry, plaster and drywall repairs, gutter cleaning and oiling, and glass replacement. The company specializes in faux and natural wood finishes as well as wood staining and deck refinishing.
  • Awards & Certifications
    The company is an EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm.
  • Organizations
    Catchlight is an accredited member of the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA).
  • Licenses
    HIC 151854
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    While Honorable Mentions have fewer reviews than Best Picks, they are held to the same quality standards.

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I have extremely high regard for Catchlight.
The company was great.
Catchlight gets an A+ on everything. They're the best painters I've ever used, and I've referred them to a lot of people who've been happy, too. I live in a big, old Victorian, and they've done tons of stuff for me. I chose them because they have such a great reputation, and I have no criticism of them at all.
Catchlight was great. I liked the quality of their work and their attitudes. They were very committed to doing a good job, very polite, and very detail oriented. They did a lot of interior painting, and I would give them the best rating.
The crew from Catchlight was really good, and the house looks gorgeous. I used to have a 120-year-old Victorian home that they painted. Now, I'm in a newer home, and I called them because I knew they could make a new house look amazing.
Catchlight has grade-A painters. They painted the downstairs.
They did some work for us a couple of months ago. It was great. They were fast, they did what we wanted, and they were friendly. The work was good. They painted two rooms.
They were really knowledgeable and responsive, and they did a nice job when they came. They just repainted our dining room. I'd grade them as an A.
We were very happy. The guys who were here were really good to communicate with. They understood and listened, and they really took the time to make sure that they knew exactly what we wanted. Once they were here, the painters went above and beyond—painting things that weren't even in the budget. They did a good job on everything, so we were very happy. It was interior painting, including a hallway and bathroom. I'll give them an A. I was delighted with their work.
They were polite, neat, clean, efficient, responsive, and punctual. Everything was as I thought it was going to be or as they said it would be. They did some interior painting. It was not my whole place, but it was like half of it. They did a really nice job. I was referred to them by someone else. I'd say they get an A from me.

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