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Randall Moving & Storage

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Randall Moving & Storage offers premium local and long-distance moving services at an affordable rate. What is most notable about our company is the quality of each and every one of our crewmen. Their professionalism and commitment to providing an excellent moving experience have made the company the success it is today.

Randall Smith | President

Areas Served:

Washington, DC

  • Services Offered
    Randall Moving & Storage offers residential and commercial full-service packing, local and long-distance moving, and storage. The company also provides crating for fragile items, piano moves, loading and unloading of rental trucks, and packing and moving supplies for purchase.
  • Minimum Job
    The company generally requires a four-hour minimum job and offers senior and military discounts.
  • Awards & Certifications
    Randall Moving & Storage is a ProMover member of the American Moving & Storage Association and a military-approved carrier.
  • Employee Information
    According to Randall Moving & Storage, the majority of its crewmen have worked for the company for over a decade, and new hires undergo extensive training by moving-industry professionals.
  • Licenses
    USDOT #230816

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They were here a year ago. I don't remember if they were the ones who packed up the truck or unloaded it, but we had positive experiences on both ends. We moved across the state, and we had one set of movers pack us and the other unpack us; I think they were the ones in Northern Virginia. We had a very good experience with them. They were very fast, and we packed an incredible amount in that truck. Their customer service seemed to be fine, though we didn't use it. I'd grade them with an A. They were really good. The workers were able to lift things, and they filled up the truck. I don't remember there being any particular issues.
It was OK. It was a long time ago, but I guess it was all right. It was a living room and bedroom set and a few boxes. The customer service was all right, as far as I can remember. It seems like there was some kind of issue, but I can't remember what it was. They get an A.
Randall Moving & Storage was my son's mover, and they were very good. It was about 20 miles. Everything was top-rate. I'd give them an A+. They did everything really well, and I didn't have any complaints with them at all.
They were down-to-earth people, and they didn't have anyone I couldn't actually communicate with. They helped me in every aspect, so I'd give them an A+. We searched for local places to help move, and they were willing to take us where we needed to go.
Randall Moving & Storage did work for us about a year ago. They were good—that's about all I can say. I had a positive experience.
They were accommodating. We had a little issue with the closing; we were supposed to be there the next day, so they had to take all the stuff off the truck and put it in storage. It was a mistake on our part, but they were accommodating and very nice. I would give them an A.
They did what they committed to—that's rare these days. It wasn't a big move; it was a four-person, single-family home move. I had no problems at all with their customer service, and I'm one who usually complains. I'd give them an A rating.
Randall Moving & Storage did work for us over a year ago. The people were very efficient, and they were good. I would use them again. It was just my bedroom furniture and a bunch of boxes, so it was not a big move at all. I'd give them an A; I don't have any reason not to.
They were pretty good and thorough when they were packing and loading the truck. I had to go to storage, and they took it to storage and unpacked stuff there. I didn't have anything get broken. One of my co-workers told me about them. I had called a couple other places, and she had used them. The customer service was fine; they were easy to deal with. I ended up losing my keys to the car in storage, and they were patient about that, even though it was taking them more time. I'd grade them with an A.
I used Randall Moving & Storage last year, and it was really good. Nothing was damaged. They were really efficient in moving. The guys worked really hard, and they were nice and quick. It was just a small apartment. I'd give them an A, definitely.

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