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Hunt the Mover

2nd year as a Best Pick

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"Hunt the Mover has been proudly serving greater Chicagoland-area residents since 1955. It's our goal to make your move as simple and stress-free as possible. Our highly trained moving consultants are available to help you through every step of your move."

Calvin Hunt | President

Areas Served:

Northern Chicago, North Shore, Northwest Chicago Suburbs, Southwest Chicago Suburbs, Western Chicago Suburbs

  • Services Offered
    Hunt the Mover performs local, long-distance, and international moves for residential and commercial customers. The company offers packing, crating, loading, and unloading services; packing and moving supplies; and short- or long-term temperature-controlled storage solutions. Hunt the Mover offers free on-site estimates, and moves include disassembly, reassembly, padding, and wrapping.
  • Organizations
    Hunt the Mover has been a member of the Illinois Movers' and Warehousemen's Association for over 25 years.
  • Company History
    The local, family-owned-and-operated company was founded in 1955 by Roy Hunt.
  • Employee Information
    Employees wear uniforms, drive marked vehicles, and undergo background checks and drug testing. All employees are full time, and Hunt the Mover does not work with third-party labor services.
  • Licenses
    ILCC MC #22772, USDOT #303503, MC #290640

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We used them three times. The first time was excellent, the second time was average, and the third—it depends on the crew, and the last two times were both excellent too. They're hard workers, and I felt that they cared about the job they did. They didn't waste time like a lot of movers do. They worked very quickly and efficiently. I don't really remember a whole lot about the office people. I know I didn't have any problems. I usually have to leave messages, and they got back to me pretty quickly. We went through a lot of movers, and I can name about a half a dozen of them. We were running out of people to call, so it was a random choice. That first time left a really good impression. I'd give them an A-.
I'd love to give them a great recommendation. I'd give them an A.
They were wonderful. I liked everything. They were punctual. They did all of our packing. They did a great job, and then they moved us and did a great job moving us into our new house. We only moved five blocks away, but that didn't matter. We had a whole house full of things. We were treated very nice. We have no complaints. We've used them several times, and we would definitely call them again if we ever needed to. We've lived in Bensenville all our lives, and they've been in Bensenville a good share of the time. It's just an old company here in town. It'd be an A. They did a great job.
They were excellent. They're very dependable. They took a lot of care with the furnishings. They moved our belongings in, in the middle of a snowstorm. They really went above and beyond what you would think. The workmen were very professional and very personable. I enjoyed having them work for us. I would recommend them to anyone. I heard about them through our realtor. I'd give Hunt the Mover an A, definitely.
I used them a couple of times. I moved twice in a year, and they were both difficult moves. We have very big furniture and a piano to move, there are stairs, we moved in and out of a condo, and it's very difficult to move in and out of this building. They had to go through a garage, up an elevator, through a hallway—it was a very difficult move, and they just did an outstanding job. Both moves we used them for went smoothly. Both moves actually ended up taking longer than we thought. We had more furniture both times, than we thought we actually had. They worked hard. They started on time, and they worked continuously until they finished the job. The movers are just guys with really strong backs who know how to move furniture. My concern was not only moving the furniture, but I wanted to make sure nobody got hurt. I told them that. I said pianos are important, but I helped them with the piano a little bit. I said, 'Don't hurt yourself with any of these things.' I appreciate how difficult it was moving some of our big furniture, and they just did a very fine job. They always use safe rules. I can't over exaggerate how difficult it was moving in and out of that condo building. It was just very difficult. I'd give them an A.
They were very efficient and very careful with my furniture. It was a move across town. It was the same town but on the other side. People in the office, I believe were fine, but the movers themselves were pretty good. I chose them because they were located in Bensenville, and I wanted to keep the business in Bensenville. I would give them an A.
They were just good. They were very nice. I'd give them an A.
They moved me a lot of times. I've used them at least six times. I've never had any damage. I've never had any problems with any of the guys that he sends. I've always gotten the dates that I needed. He's done big jobs for me, little jobs. Usually I just talk to the owner and the movers—they're all crazy, a crazy sense of humor. My husband went to school with Hunt. I'd give them an A. I've never had a problem.
They were careful in moving things. They were just very easy to work with. They came out and did what they were supposed to do. I've used them like three different times. This last time was a move, northern suburbs to more western suburbs of Chicago. They were just very friendly. In fact, I remember they gave me their ideas of where things should go. I appreciated that. The very first move I did was for my mother, and she was moving to Bensenville in a kind of like retirement home. Their residents do a lot of business with Hunt the Mover—that's why we chose them. I'd give them an A.
They're professional and neat. They were courteous. It was overall a good experience. I've used them in the past. The customer service was good. I'd give them an A.

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