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Budding Branch Landscape & Design, Inc.

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For over 20 years, the experienced professionals at Budding Branch have been designing and installing artistic, functional landscapes tailored to each homeowner's personal style. We strive to be creative, thoughtful, detail oriented, personal, and professional to ensure satisfaction with the process and with the finished product.

Rob Boswell | Owner & President

Areas Served:

Montgomery, Howard

  • Services Offered
    Budding Branch Landscape & Design, Inc., provides custom residential landscape design, construction, installation, and seasonal maintenance services. The company offers a wide variety of landscape services, including decks, patios, plantings, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, walkways, screened porches, pools, arbors, fire pits, and water features.
  • Company History
    The family-owned-and-operated company has been in business since 1995. Founder and owner Rob Boswell has worked in the landscaping industry for over 30 years, and landscape designer Heath Skelton has worked with the company for 15 years.
  • Employee Information
    Employees wear uniforms and drive marked vehicles.
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    MHIC #121532
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    While Honorable Mentions have fewer reviews than Best Picks, they are held to the same quality standards.

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They basically redid my backyard. We have a stone wall that runs the perimeter of our backyard property, and they laid some colored concrete and made it look like big, porcelain pieces of tile. They built a form for around our hot tub, and they made forms of columns to use as storage. They built a stone waterfall fountain, and they used a designer to basically lay out the entire property, which is a quarter of an acre. I had some plantings and the architectural design, and they pretty much did all of that and supervised it. I really liked the fact that they were so creative and that they thought outside of the box to make something unique just for us. They seemed to know exactly what they were doing. I've contacted them since, and they were nice enough to follow up on some things for me. They did take longer than I would have preferred, but they had to do a lot of different electrical work because we put in landscape lighting. They also helped do all the electrical for the hot tub to get that set up and make sure the outside was weather worthy. It ended up taking longer than I expected, but other than that, everything was quite good. I'd say they earned an A.
I would grade the company as an A+.
Budding Branch is totally an A+ company.
They did a deck and a room on the deck, and they did landscaping. I'd recommend them, and I would give them an A rating.
They helped design and build my pool. They didn't actually build the pool, but they did the design for it, and they did the concrete, the landscaping, and the fence. The owner was very friendly. I always got phone calls when they were coming, and they were on time—something that you can't always get with people that are doing work on your house. They were polite and nice. I am satisfied with the final product. I would give them an A.
They were good, and they did a good job. They were there on time, and they did a quality job. They did a patio, stonework, and other stuff. The company was a referral from another contractor. I'd say they're an A.
Budding Branch had good customer service, and they were very knowledgeable. On my personal home, they did a landscape plan and implemented it. I'm a home builder, so I've worked with them with my clients as well. Originally, they were the landscape company for the builder who built my house. I would grade them as an A.
The job was quoted properly and done to specifications. They put up a retaining wall and a patio, and I would rate them as an A.
Every year for the past six years, we've had Budding Branch do the design, the installation, and the upkeep. Rob is fantastic, and they have an incredible landscape architect. I'd give them an A+. They have really high-quality plants, and everything about them is really top-notch—their service, knowledge, and quality.
Everyone on the Budding Branch staff was knowledgeable, and I felt like they were easy to talk to. I was able to express my vision, and they were able to offer options I'd never thought about. I enjoyed working with them. Their plants were a nice quality, and the quality of their work was wonderful. They did a patio, a small deck, and a lot of landscaping, and they earned an A+.

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