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Laird Landscaping, Inc.

2nd year as a Best Pick

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"Honesty, integrity, and attention to detail are the foundations of the referral-based business with which we have been blessed since the inception of our company in 1982. Be it a manicured front yard, a free-flowing tropical paradise in your backyard, or even a new fence, it would be a pleasure to work with you on all your landscaping needs."

Otis V. Laird | Owner

Areas Served:

West Houston Suburbs

  • Services Offered
    Laird Landscaping's list of custom-designed installations includes trees, shrubs, lawns, and seasonal color; waterfalls and fountains; and hardscapes such as decks, fences, and pavers. In addition to performing tree pruning and trimming, the company designs and installs synthetic putting greens, sprinkler systems, drainage systems, and erosion controls. Laird specializes in low-maintenance landscape design.
  • Awards & Certifications
    Otis V. Laird is a Landscape Architect registered with the Texas Board of Architectural Examiners. The company was awarded the Texas Excellence in Landscaping Distinction Award in the Residential Design/Build category in 2000.
  • Organizations
    Otis is a member of the Texas Nursery & Landscape Association.
  • Company History
    The company was founded in 1982 by Otis V. Laird, who oversees designs and installations with his son, Trey, and other landscape designers.

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They provide a quality product, they do things in a timely manner, and they have very good people. I've used them for years. I can't say enough good things about them. They're very responsive. The last thing they did for me was resod my backyard. We've had some trouble in the backyard and front yard, and they've gone out of their way to help me figure out what I should do to trim out the trees, how much watering to do, and how much to fertilize. They just go out of their way to make sure the product is well done. They fully helped plan and landscape our whole yard 20 years ago, and they have helped us update it off and on over the last 19 years. When I say landscaping, I'm talking about flowerbeds, the yard, special projects around the patio, rock work, and all that kind of stuff. They're the highest grade possible—I would give them an A+.
They were on time, they did an excellent job, and they cleaned up after themselves. They were courteous and an honest company to work with. They're family oriented, and I would promote them 100 percent. They did a drainage project for me—they redid all of my drainage in the backyard. A friend of ours recommended them. I would give them an A+.
They spent the time to do the job right, and we're really happy with the work they did. They put in a new flowerbed in the front of the house—they designed the flowerbed, they picked the plants, and they put them in. They also dug a root barrier before they did the flowerbed. I would give them an A+—they did super.
Laird Landscaping did landscaping for me two or three years ago. They are really good. They also put in a drainage system in my backyard, because it's a little low, and I have a swamp all the time in the top part. I'd give them an A+—I had no complaints. He did a fantastic job. I had to do some stuff to the trees we installed because of my homeowner's association, and he worked things out to satisfy them, so I couldn't have asked for better.
They were very nice, and they did excellent work. They were here before eight in the morning, and they worked until four-thirty or five—until they finished that job. They were really good, and I've really become friends with them. They were so nice. They put in a drainage system, they enclosed the patio, and they did the landscape—it was really nice. They did a lot of work in our neighborhood. I would give them an A.
They're professional. They've removed a couple of trees for us and pulled some bushes as well. I'd say they're an A.
I liked the way things were explained, and they're flexible. They did some replanting, removing stuff, and some rock work. I just used them one time. They were recommended by a friend. It looks really good, and I've had a lot of compliments on it. I would give them an A+.
They have done different things over the years. They built us an outdoor kitchen, they did paving in our backyard, they built us two fire pits, they replaced sod, they built containing walls, and they rebuilt drains. They also planted some greenery for us, so they've done a whole multitude of different things. I would give them an A.
They landscaped the front yard, and they did maintenance and drainage work in the backyard. They were quick, they were clean, and they did a good job with the work that they did. They are definitely an A.
They were knowledgeable, thorough, and timely. They actually finished the job slightly under budget. The most recent project they did was a backyard remodel. They did the hardscape—the grass wasn't growing, so they replaced it with flagstone and plants. This was my second time dealing with them—the first time, they did a drainage project for us. We were having water issues in our garage, and they put in some conduits to control the flow so water didn't get into the garage. I would give them an A.

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