2017 EBSCO Research Best Pick

Wilson Bros. Landscape

1st year as a Best Pick

  • A-Rated
  • Verified General Liability
  • Verified Workers' Comp

"Since 1989, Wilson Bros. Landscape has worked with nature. We specialize in site-sensitive landscape design and installation using plants, nature, and other materials that fit perfectly in the metro-Atlanta environment."

Brian Wilson | Owner

Areas Served:

Clayton & Henry County, Coweta, Fayette & South Fulton County

  • Services Offered
    Wilson Bros. Landscape provides a full range of landscape design and maintenance services for residential and commercial customers. The company specializes in designing outdoor living spaces, including kitchens and fireplaces. Wilson Bros. Landscape also offers outdoor lighting, water features, patio and retaining wall construction, drainage solutions, walkways, plantings, sod installation, and lawn maintenance services. The company also installs sprinkler systems.
  • Minimum Job
    Wilson Bros. Landscape requires a minimum of $2,000.
  • Warranty
    The company offers a one-year warranty on materials and labor.
  • Company History
    The local, family-owned-and-operated company was founded in 1989. The Wilson brothers have been in the landscape industry for over 20 years.
  • Employee Information
    Employees wear uniforms, drive marked vehicles, and undergo drug testing.
  • Product Information
    Wilson Bros. Landscape offers products from Wilson Bros. Nursery, Belgard, and Pavestone.

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They got the work done really quickly, and it looks really good. They planted some trees at our local elementary school. They're right down the street from my house. We've used them at our home before. They're an A+.
They did a good job. They were laying back sod for a patio. I heard about them from a friend that knew them—the company did some work for them. I'd give them an A.
I just pretty much liked everything. They were on time. They didn't take very long in doing the work. It was very professional. I'm pretty satisfied with the work they did. They did an outdoor lighting project. I'd rate them as an A.
They were punctual and nice. They did good work. Through the years, they have put in sod, done some other shrubs, and done landscaping work. Recently, they gave me an estimate for some other work that I needed done. I just chose them after hearing about them in the county. The company gets an A.
They're great. I like their customer service. They're very in tune with the customer's needs and with what's being requested. They give design revisions and stuff. They've done landscaping and hardscape work for me. Their location is convenient, so I chose them. They're an A-grade company.
They're very professional and very attentive to detail. They were very quick to respond. Just overall, it was a very good experience. They did some retaining walls. I'd give them an A.
They were very responsive and very professional. We had some new sod put into our front yard. They were a referral from friends of ours. They get an A from me.
Basically, they did a complete landscape plan for our house. The subdivision that we're in has a lot of restrictions on landscape materials, so they were very familiar with the subdivision. Plus, they were able to put in a lot of the wishes that we had for the landscaping. In terms of the plant sizes, they delivered, and they were all very good. It doesn't look like you're planting a wheat field—you've basically got some mature stuff in your landscape plan. Finally, they said they'd take two days, and that's exactly what they did. They were referred by a couple neighbors who said that they'd done business with them and that they were very honest and had a real eye for color. They integrated landscape plans in not just the front, but all around the house. I'd grade the company as an A.
They were good with communication, and I felt like they went above and beyond and did a little bit extra, which is great. They did landscaping for me.
He was great. He took care of us from beginning to end. I had all new landscaping put in. They're not too far away from me, and I've known about them for years, so I'd rate the company as an A.

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