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Gehman Design Remodeling

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"At Gehman Design Remodeling, we're skilled designers and craftsmen who approach your project not as a transaction but as a transformation that enhances the value of your property and your quality of life in it. Our work speaks for itself—thoughtful, respectful of the environment, fit for its purpose, and built to last."

Dennis Gehman | President

Areas Served:

Montgomery County, The Main Line, Bucks County

  • Services Offered
    Gehman Design Remodeling is a full-service design/build company that performs a wide variety of remodeling services for residential customers, including whole-house remodels, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, window and door installation, attic and basement finishing, handyman services, and historic restoration.
  • Warranty
    The company offers a five-year guarantee on labor and materials.
  • Awards & Certifications
    Gehman Design has won multiple regional awards from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).
  • Company History
    The company was founded in 1990 by husband and wife Dennis and Glenda Gehman.
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    While Honorable Mentions have fewer reviews than Best Picks, they are held to the same quality standards.

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We have used them for several projects around our house. We had our laundry room remodeled, and we had work done on the outside of our house. Quite a bit of work was done on the siding and windows. They did repairs and that type of thing. I highly recommend them. From start to finish, they're very up front in their pricing, they provide a contract, and they stick to that contract. They're very honest. If you change something and you need something a little different, they'll provide an additional contract for you, so you always know what you're getting. There were no surprises, and I appreciated that. It's an A+ company.
They did a little repair after I had a flood from a toilet. It was a good experience—very much so. They were responsive to our phone calls, they came when they were supposed to, and they did good work. It wasn't a big job; it wasn't as if they did a whole remodeling job for us. They just repaired the ceiling, painted, and fixed it up. Then, they painted molding for me in the basement while they were here. They were great. I chose them because my daughter knew the company. I'll give them an A grade.
I believe he was the one that did the structural engineering. It seemed like everything was good. It was a safety thing for the attic. Essentially, the job was to stop it from collapsing. I think they were a recommendation. I would give the company an A grade.
I had no issues with them. They did nice work. There were the little issues here and there, like with every contractor, but they came back and fixed everything to our satisfaction. Everything was fine. They did a laundry room floor, a sink, and a cabinet on each side. Everything worked nicely. I think one of my neighbors had used them before, and that's why we used them. I'd call an A- grade fair for them.
I've had a couple contractors come in and do things, but these guys are kind of above everybody. From the guy who owns the business to the guys he employs, it's just pretty special. Their work is as close to perfect as you could get—it's just amazing. I'd give Gehman Design Remodeling an A+++.
Gehman Design Remodeling did three jobs for us. I went with them because we met Dennis, and I liked him immediately. We had one small en suite bathroom done, and we were so impressed that a year later, they did our kitchen, another bathroom, and a powder room. You feel very confident with them in the home. They cleaned up every day, and I trusted them completely. They did wonderful work for us, and I would definitely highly, highly recommend them.
Gehman Design did a fabulous job, and we're very satisfied.
Gehman did good work. The planning and designing of the basement made it a positive experience. The workers were excellent. We'd recommend them to family and friends. I think they're an A+.
They're in the middle of the second renovation in our house. They did the first floor and kitchen. They knocked down walls and all kinds of stuff two years ago. They're in the midst of doing the master bathroom and some other second floor renovations now. I like the attention to detail, the level of communication, and the professionalism. I know they're working with us to get the best possible solutions and giving us alternatives so that we can make our own informed decision. They get an A+, and I'm a pretty picky person.
They essentially helped us design and implement a new master bathroom. I liked that they were very thorough. There was a lot of attention to detail, from the initial contract consultation all the way to the paint color and making sure that even the wood floors matched. So, they have quality workmanship, and overall, they pay attention to the project. They met the deadline that they said that they would, so they honored their word as well. I would say they get an A+. They definitely did it all. In fact, if I ever needed anything, I'd give them a call, and I would hear back and have somebody show up at the house in 24 hours. They have excellent service through and through.

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