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JW Home Improvement

2nd year as a Best Pick

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Our primary goal is to work with you, the homeowner, to ensure that we meet your renovation and home repair needs in a cost-effective, timely manner. We will work with you on all of your home improvement projects and help you turn your house back into a home.

Jesse Wertjes | Owner

Areas Served:

Washington, DC

  • Services Offered
    JW Home Improvement offers a full range of handyman services to residential customers. The company also provides interior and exterior carpentry and painting, power washing, and tile work.
  • Services Not Offered
    The company does not perform major electrical and plumbing work, appliance repair, or carpet installation and repair.
  • Minimum Job
    JW Home Improvement charges $50 per estimate, which is applied to the cost of the job. The company's labor rate is $106 per man-hour with a required four-hour minimum. Materials are billed at cost.
  • Warranty
    All work is warranted for one year.
  • Company History
    The locally owned-and-operated company, established in 2001 by Jesse Wertjes, has been serving Washington, DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia for 15 years.
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They were doing some home improvement stuff—interior and exterior home improvement contractor work. I thought they did high-quality work. I'd give them an A.
They did a variety of things for me. They cleaned and sealed the deck, stained it, and also repaired one leg of the deck that had some wood rot in it. They created an access from the main floor of the house into the cellar. They widened a door to the bathroom so that my husband can go through with the wheelchair. They did multiple small things as well, like replacing a showerhead and light bulbs, and some plumbing work. I liked them better than any other home improvement contractor that we've had in years. They seemed extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and really did quality work. I'd give them an A.
They were reframing a garage for me, and I liked that the guys worked very hard. They were very intent on making sure that the best work was done, that it wasn't shoddy. They earned an A.
JW Home Improvement did handyman work around my condo. They arrived on time and were very efficient with getting stuff done. I'd rate them an A.
I'd give them an A because they were great.
JW was doing home repair things for me, like screen doors. I liked that they were on time. I found this company through that list of recommended companies—Best Pick Reports, that blue and white book. They're an A.
I was a little surprised. They were supposed to bring in two people on the first day, because they had go in through the wall, take out the old microwave, and install the new microwave. Taking out the old one wasn't that bad, but installing that microwave was kind of hard. I thought one person was going to be doing the work and the other person was going to go get the materials. One gentleman created a vent to the outside for my new hood, installed the hood, and then put in additional venting to the outside for two bathrooms. The second gentleman came in another time and had to fix up something that the first person had a hard time finishing off—the microwave reached down the wall behind the stove. I was surprised that two people didn't come, and I don't have my bill for this yet. It's been over a week. They did the work fine—I'm happy with it. I was just cross about two people not coming in. I would give them an A. He had to build the vent up, and they worked hard.
They were doing some carpenter work and drywall work. They did a great job, and I'd give them an A.
They did the job well, and it got finished. They were staining a deck. They're an A.
They fixed rotten wood for me. They did a very thorough job, they were on time, and they got into the problem and totally fixed it. They get an A from me.

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