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"From basic electrical and plumbing work to roofing and bathroom remodels, Mr. Handyman can do everything on your 'honey-do' list. We are proud of the excellent reputation we have developed over the years and grateful to our thousands of customers for their continued support. Repeat business and referrals are key to our success."

Kevin Crysler | President
Company Information
Services Offered
Mr. Handyman offers a variety of services, including repairs and installation for drywall, gutters, siding, and roofing; electrical, plumbing, and carpentry services; and bathroom remodeling.
Services Not Offered
The company does not perform yard work or basement waterproofing.
Mr. Handyman offers a full, one-year warranty on all workmanship and materials they provide. Additional material warranties may apply.
Company History
The locally owned-and-operated franchise has served residential and commercial customers since 2005.
Kevin Crysler is a member of the West County Chamber of Commerce and a volunteer speaker with the Maryland Business Roundtable for Education.
Employee Information
Employees wear uniforms, drive marked vehicles, and undergo background checks and drug testing.
MHIC #128435
Areas Served
Anne Arundel
A selection of 64 homeowner reviews:
“He was excellent. He hung pictures, he disassembled an expensive headboard, and he took down drapes and put them back up in a different location. He was prompt, efficient, professional, and courteous. He did an excellent job. He earned between an A and an A+ overall.”
“Mr. Handyman gets the highest rating overall. The guys who did my subfloor were really good. The customer service and expertise were really good.”
“They did quite a number of odd jobs, from building a deck rail, to installing some new light fixtures inside and outside the house, to some cement patching. We have already recommended them. The technician was very competent and pleasant to work with, and he did everything we asked perfectly well. They get an A overall.”
“I'd grade them the highest rating overall. The guys at Handyman were really good, they did my subfloor. The customer service was really good. The expertise was really good.”
“It was a positive experience. I would say A+ overall. He was very good. He knew exactly what he was doing. The last one I had was he came to put up curtain rods in the bedroom and he transferred some lights for me, I had some lights. Ceiling Lights, I had put from one room to the next. I've used them before.”
“Mr. Handyman was fine. The guy that the two sent, or that Mr. Handyman sent it was great, name's Dennis and I'll have him back anytime. A+ Overall. He was here when he'd said he'd be. There was no problem with cleanliness and expertise. He personally was very clean. When he left, he left the worksite clean. He did what he was doing and got it done and got out. I'd recommend them. I do recommend them to people who look for somebody that do jobs like that. He put in a new sink faucet for me.”
“They put shutters up. A+ Overall.”
“They did some painting and some closet work. A+ Overall. They were very prompt and answered my questions and delivered as I expected.”
“It was very good experience. It was great working with them. A+ overall. I did siding and mount-in TV, and then general repairs.”
“It was very positive. They put in a new drop down stairs to my attic, and then they did a couple little odd-jobs like putting down some more molding where we had it come up for some reason. A+ Overall.”