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Enclosures Unlimited Glass Co., Inc.

2nd year as a Best Pick

  • A-Rated
  • Verified License(s)
  • Verified General Liability
  • Verified Workers' Comp

"Enclosures Unlimited is a family-owned-and-operated business that has been serving Virginia since 1966. For 50 years, our priority has been supplying customers with superior products, experienced customer service, and unparalleled quality. When you choose to work with us, we treat you like family."

Thomas O'Connor | Vice President

Areas Served:

Prince William, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Arlington County

  • Services Offered
    Enclosures Unlimited performs repair, replacement, and redesign jobs using tempered, laminated, and plate glass. The company also installs a variety of glass doors, walls, stair rails, windows, tabletops, and shelves. Enclosures specializes in shower doors and details.
  • Services Not Offered
    The company does not install tints, films, auto glass, skylights, or sunrooms.
  • Minimum Job
    An $85 minimum is required.
  • Warranty
    Enclosures honors lifetime warranties on Portals hardware and Diamon-Fusion coatings and provides two-year warranties on shower seals.
  • Organizations
    Enclosures is a National Glass Association (NGA) member.
  • Employee Information
    Employees wear uniforms, undergo background checks, and drive marked vehicles.
  • Licenses

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They were excellent, from the sales guy to the installers. Then, they did it correctly. There was a manufacturing error in one of the enclosures; I didn't even see it, but they decided to disassemble everything again. It was excellent. I chose them because they're very nice. They gave me an estimate over the phone, and it was very kind. They're kind of local. I'd grade them A+.
They did an excellent job. They came out and did the measurements in one day, and they came out and did the installation in one day. They did it at the price they said they would and in the time frame they said they would. They did a frameless shower and room door. They were recommended to me by a coworker. They get an A from me.
All the work was very well done. They put shower door enclosures in one, two, three, four bathrooms. It was a very big job. It was all done perfectly. I haven't had one problem. They came when they said they were going to come. It was great. The customer service was fine. We had no problems, and I don't think I've spoken to them since the last day they were here because we didn't need anything else. We chose them because of a recommendation. It's an A from me.
The quality of the work was very good. They did a glass shower enclosure with glass doors. It was very good. They came on time and did the work quickly, and it works well. I've used them before—I do renovation projects. I didn't choose them initially; my general contractor did. I think an A fits them best.
They did a shower enclosure, and they did a great job. It was a shower enclosure in one bathroom. They did what they said, and they charged me what they said they would for the work. It was pretty straightforward. It was a good job. It was professional, and it was good. They did a really good job, and it was perfect. I chose them because they were referred from a friend. I'd give them an A.
When I asked them to come back and do some work on the enclosure that had been installed, they came back and did perfect work for what I was asking for. They only installed one shower enclosure. I chose them because of a recommendation from our bathroom remodeler. It was all positive. I'd give them an A grade.
They were polite and punctual, and they did their work well. They installed a shower door for us. The customer service was fine. It was good. My contractor actually selected them. I'd give them an A-.
Enclosures Unlimited is very, very good. They did a mirror in a living room or dining room. I'd go with A+ for them—they were very good.
I think they did a very nice job for us. They were timely. They had a problem when they were fabricating and installing a new shower door. The time came for the installation, and I called to confirm that they were coming. They said, 'Oh, whoops, we have a problem. The piece of glass broke, so we'll have to order it again.' I did have to wait another week to ten days, but it wasn't a big deal. They were very prompt getting here to install it. They did a good job, and the guy was very neat and tidy in his work habits. That was it; we were done. I chose them because I had purchased something from them once a few years earlier, so I knew where they were. When I went into their shop the first time, they were very polite and very helpful, so I didn't even bother to get prices from anyone else. I just went to them to get them. They deserve an A+.
Enclosures Unlimited put in a shower. I'd grade their work an A.

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