2016 EBSCO Research Best Pick

Raynor Door Company

7th year as a Best Pick

  • A-Rated
  • Verified General Liability
  • Verified Workers' Comp

"We are here for the customer—the customer is not here for us. Our whole company revolves around the satisfaction of our customers. In fact, when we're hiring, we want our technicians to understand that this is not just a job, but a career, and they must adhere to the level of workmanship our clients demand."

John Bradley | President

Areas Served:

North Shore

  • Services Offered
    Raynor Door Company provides premium garage doors, garage door products, and service, including installation and 24/7 repair. The company also offers a full array of gate operators, burglar and fire alarms, CCTV systems, and access controls.
  • Specializations
    Raynor specializes in wood, steel, and aluminum garage doors that match the existing architecture of customers' homes and businesses. The company uses CAD software to create customized doors.
  • Warranty
    Raynor honors all manufacturers' warranties.
  • Organizations
    Raynor Door Company is a member of the International Door Association. The company also belongs to the Winnetka-Northfield, Lake Forrest/Lake Bluff, and Wilmette/Kenilworth Chambers of Commerce.
  • Company History
    The third-generation family business has served Chicago for over 60 years. The company is currently owned by John and Ralph Bradley.

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They've been working for us for years. They just give good service. I would highly recommend them.
I'm a Realtor, and I call them whenever we have an inspection regarding a garage door, and they're timely and efficient. They do exactly what needs to be done, and personally, I've had them do work at our home also. So I would say for the last 25 years I've called Raynor whenever I've had a problem with a garage door, and I've never been disappointed or I wouldn't still be calling them. I think the company was probably a reference from someone. We were living in Wilmette, and I needed a new garage door. I asked people there, and they said that this company was the best around and I could feel comfortable calling them, and I am. It's an A; they're obviously an A.
They were super responsive; it was an emergency situation, and they came very, very quickly. They spent a lot of time making sure that every last thing was taken care of. The original problem was just one of many, so they went ahead and tested for other things. They were super polite, I think the response time was great, and they even picked up when I called them after hours and were able to respond. Basically, the part of the garage door that was attached to the ceiling of the garage fell off. It was hanging by one little bolt, so the whole thing was coming down. Whatever was wrong fell down, and those long metal poles fell inches from my car, so it was kind of an emergency situation. They were really responsive, they came really quickly, and they were great. I couldn't get anybody else to respond. I was so pleased. I'd definitely give them an A.
I'm very happy with it. They did a good job. They did one of the panels, and they changed one of the panels for the dog. When our house was built, they were the ones that installed the doors. An A grade works for them.
They put the door in originally, and any time I had trouble with it, they came out. The doors have been out here nearly 60 years. We're the original owners of the house, and every time they came out, they did a great job. My husband knew the name, called them, and that's it. I'd give them an A.
They were on time and on budget with the garage door, so that was good. We had a new garage door. They were recommended by a neighbor. I would say they're an A.
Overall, they always took good care of us. John and Ralph were always good. I used to be the mailman over there. They always repaired my springs or whatever had to be done. The springs were done last time. I'd say they get an A grade from me.
They replaced a broken part in my garage door. They found the problem quickly and got it resolved. They're local; they're in my neighborhood. I would give them an A.
They came over and fixed the door. A lot of parts had come loose on the door, so he got it fixed up for me. The door was stuck; the cable on the door had gotten stuck. I remember we tried to fix it that night and weren't able to fix it. I used them because they installed the door. I own the building that they installed the door at; it's an apartment building. If I need a door done, I call them. I'd give this company an A grade. If I needed help, I'd call them up.
They fixed our garage door opener. The serviceman was really friendly, and they did a great job. The company was a referral from our contractor.

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