2016 EBSCO Research Best Pick

Crack Attack Team

2nd year as a Best Pick

  • A-Rated
  • Verified General Liability
  • Verified Workers' Comp

"Crack Attack Team's first priority is 100 percent customer satisfaction. Customers can expect highly trained crews, friendly faces, and motivated employees to make sure that every job is done correctly, in a timely manner, and with the least inconvenience possible."

Tim Kremnitzer | Owner

Areas Served:

Northern Chicago, North Shore, Northwest Chicago Suburbs, Southwest Chicago Suburbs, Western Chicago Suburbs

  • Services Offered
    Crack Attack Team provides a number of foundation repair services to residential and commercial customers. The company repairs foundation cracks and bowed walls; settles and stabilizes foundations; and installs carbon fiber strapping and L-beams. Crack Attack Team also performs exterior, basement, and crawl space waterproofing work.
  • Warranty
    All work performed by the company carries a lifetime transferable warranty.
  • Company History
    Crack Attack Team has been in business since 2005 and serves both regional and local customers.
  • Employee Information
    Company employees wear uniforms, drive marked vehicles, and undergo drug testing.

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I had a good experience. It's an A from me.
I liked that they came quickly, that the technician seemed to take care of the situation very quickly, and that he explained things to me. So far, everything's been fine. They just did minor crack repair in our foundation. I chose them because I called two companies, and Crack Attack Team was able to come out first; the availability's what made me choose them. They get an A.
They were easy to work with and very knowledgeable. They repaired a foundation crack in my basement, and it was definitely A-grade work.
They were fine—they did a good job. Crack Attack Team had a guy come out who estimated the project. Another guy came out a couple of days later and did the work, and it seemed like they were doing a really nice job. They did a foundation crack—they injected some epoxy material into the crack just to seal it off, and then they used what they call staples, steel staples, to keep the foundation from splitting apart in the future very easily. A—they did a nice job.
They were absolutely fine. I think they just took care of the job and handled it well. They fixed a crack in the foundation wall. I'd sum them up with an A-.
Crack Attack Team did a very good job, and they were prompt and courteous. They were nice people to do business with, and I could tell their quality of work was good. They poured a concrete floor in my crawl space, and they repaired a crack in my foundation. They get an A in my book.
I liked that they were prompt, they came on time, they followed through, and they did a good job. They met all my expectations, so they were good. They repaired a minor foundation issue for me, and they did an A+ job.
Crack Attack Team filled a crack for us. It was a pretty bad crack in the foundation in the basement, and they filled it the first time with no funny business. I'd rate them as an A.
They came quickly, and the technician explained things to me. They did minor crack repair on our foundation—they're an A.
It was OK; it was a neutral experience. They fixed a crack in the crawl space, and I didn't have to call them back for any problems after it was fixed. The technician was fine—he was very good. The guy came and did his work. I haven't looked at the crawl space, but I'd give them an A.

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