2016 EBSCO Research Best Pick

Atlas Restoration LLC

7th year as a Best Pick

  • A-Rated
  • Verified General Liability
  • Verified Workers' Comp

"Atlas Restoration has been permanently restoring structural integrity to homes throughout Chicagoland for 37 years. We ensure that you will receive exceptional service from your initial call to the installation by our highly trained team. We use only premium products made in the US, and we proudly recycle."

Chris Heintz | Co-owner

Areas Served:

Northern Chicago, North Shore, Northwest Chicago Suburbs, Southwest Chicago Suburbs, Western Chicago Suburbs

  • Services Offered
    Atlas Restoration offers residential and commercial foundation repair; waterproofing services; beam and column repair; stabilization or replacement of bowing basement walls; and carpentry services, including basement finishing and deck installation.
  • Specializations
    Atlas specializes in installing resistance piers to permanently lift and stabilize settled structures. The company also provides emergency shoring.
  • Warranty
    Atlas offers fully transferable warranties on foundation repair and waterproofing projects.
  • Organizations
    Atlas is a member of the Basement Health Association and the CHANCE Alliance Network.
  • Employee Information
    Employees wear uniforms, drive marked vehicles, and must pass background checks.

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It was fine. Atlas Restoration got the job done, and it was done OK. They were prompt, they did a good job, and they cleaned up. So far, so good—this was the foundation that they worked on. I think they would probably be an A-grade company right now.
They did a very good job. The people were very efficient. They explained everything to us, showed us what they were going to do, and then they did it. Atlas Restoration did a fine job when they did the foundation. They're an A.
When Atlas Restoration came in, it was for the foundation. They did what they said. They also got a structural engineer who came out with his report, and part of it was that he could only see so much. He couldn't see below the ground, so he had very specific instructions for them—if they went down and saw certain things, then they would have to do things a little differently. It didn't extend beyond that point. The foundation for the garage is above ground at the back part of it, and there was a crack that was more of a weather crack as opposed to foundation shifting or settling. They installed large metal plates after filling the crack, and the plates wrap around and are bolstered into the foundation. They did a good job with what they had to do. They made sure that there wouldn't be a problem, and we've got an engineer report. Atlas Restoration earned an A grade.
I was going to call them because I do have some water in my crawlspace, and I don't know where it's coming from. The worker was very courteous and worked well. I had no problem with that at all. They worked in the basement and the crawlspace, mostly. It was a foundation issue, and I still have it, because I need other work to be done on the side. I really thought that they would do the two stoops; I really was interested in that first. They don't do that—it's a separate thing—so I was disappointed in that. They deserve an A rating.
Atlas Restoration did it quick and did it well. They were professional, and I was pleased by their work. I had a crack in the foundation. They put some filling in the crack, and then they sealed the crack. I would say they deserve an A.
Everything was good. They were professional and courteous. They came in and did what they needed to do. I think they were sealing the foundation cracks that we had. It was a new home, and when we had it inspected, it looked like there were some cracks in the foundation. We wanted to get on top of that before there were issues. I certainly don't have any complaints, so they get an A.
The tech that came in was knowledgeable, friendly, and very accommodating, and he respected my house. He did great work. He did foundation crack sealing, and I would grade them as an A.
I liked their cleanliness and timeliness. They did foundation repair for a crack in the foundation. I chose Atlas Restoration because I had worked with them previously, and they're an A.
It was good work. They sealed a crack in my basement foundation. It took a number of hours. They were very professional in what they did, and they were firm on their quote. They followed through on everything they said they were going to do, and it has worked to my expectations. I would give them an A.
They're timely, responsive, and organized. The project turnaround was performed correctly, and the job site was left clean afterward. They were repairing a foundation crack and sealing it from the exterior. I chose the company because it was recommended by my next-door neighbor. It's an A from me.

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