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Atlanta DogWatch Hidden Fence

9th year as a Best Pick

  • A-Rated
  • Verified General Liability
  • Verified Workers' Comp

We install and service every single Hidden Fence like we were doing it for ourselves—with pride and attention to detail. Atlanta DogWatch has been keeping pets safe for 25 years. We personally guarantee your satisfaction and success with a DogWatch Hidden Fence.

Shannon Potvin | Vice President

Areas Served:

North Atlanta, Cherokee, Dunwoody/Sandy Springs, Gwinnett/East Metro, Roswell, Alpharetta, Johns Creek & Cumming, Cobb/Marietta

  • Services Offered
    Atlanta DogWatch Hidden Fence provides full-service pet containment—including system installation and maintenance as well as pet training—and a comprehensive line of indoor systems to keep pets off the sofa, out of the trash, or out of entire rooms of the home.
  • Company History
    DogWatch Hidden Fence Systems is an international brand that has been providing pet containment solutions since 1990. The Atlanta DogWatch team works directly with customers and their pets, from the initial on-site estimate with Shannon to the final quality inspection.
  • Product Information
    According to Shannon, Atlanta DogWatch's fence is the only brand with an FM digital signal, which poses less risk of accidental corrections due to interference. The pet collar also has a two-year battery life, which results in a low cumulative cost over the life of the fence.

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The service was good, and the product was great. We actually went back for more products after they initially came out. We have the fence, we have the barking collar, and we have the SideWalker leash trainer. They work great, and we love them. A friend recommended DogWatch to us, and I think they're A+.
They did a great job—the dog was trained within five minutes, and we've never had a problem. They were quick, they were efficient, the equipment is quality, and the training is good. It was just a very pleasant experience overall. A good friend of mine had used DogWatch, and she recommended the service highly. I would absolutely give them an A.
I wasn't here when they came, but there were no issues. Everything was perfect. They did the entire yard. I don't have any complaints at all, so I would give them an A grade.
They were awesome. They were friendly, knowledgeable, and flexible. They put it in the front and back, and the pets are being great. They were recommended to me, and I would definitely recommend them myself. I would give Atlanta DogWatch an A.
Ryan was extremely helpful and very nice. He offered service after service, telling us that we can call him any time, and that if we need him to come out, he'd come out. They did about two acres, front to back, and some other area in the back, too. The pets are doing great. A friend told me that they had used them before, too, after I had already chosen them. I would recommend DogWatch. I would definitely grade them as an A.
They showed up on time, and they installed the fence without any issues. They explained to us how it would work and what we needed to do. We haven't had a single issue since then, so it has been great. The majority of it is in the backyard, but because of the way the system works, it actually has to go all the way around the house. That was a little bit of an added bonus for us because if they get out the front door, they're also protected. The pets are being wonderful. We haven't had any issues—the one that we were most concerned about really learned the system quickly. Now, we let him out with no problem, and we aren't concerned that he is going to get out. They're a grade-A company, for sure.
For everything, I would give DogWatch an outstanding score.
The fence works great. The lady that came out to set it up and kind of guide me through training our dog was awesome. It's a great product, and the dog did very well. They get an A.
Atlanta DogWatch did a very good job. They responded quickly and dealt with the issues that we had with our fence. They were very professional people. I would give them an A+.
They did what they said they were going to do, and they did it in the time frame they specified with no issues. They're an A+.

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