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Pascale Maslin | Owner
Company Information
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Energy Efficiency Experts provides residential energy audits and follow-up retrofit services, such as attic and crawl space insulation, ventilation, and sealing; whole-house sealing; and duct sealing. The company also processes paperwork for rebates that are available to Maryland and DC homeowners who choose these energy upgrades.
The company provides a customer satisfaction guarantee and honors manufacturers' warranties.
Company History
Energy Efficiency Experts is a local, woman-owned, family-owned-and-operated company that has served the DC metro area since 2007.
The company hires Building Performance Institute (BPI) trained technicians. Energy Efficiency Experts is also a member of the Greater Bethesda Chamber of Commerce as well as a participant in the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program.
Areas Served
Montgomery, Howard, Prince George's
A selection of 68 homeowner reviews:
“Energy Efficiency Experts was excellent, and we're very satisfied with their work. They were professional and efficient. The report was excellent, and we would recommend them to anybody. They did the energy audit, and when we do need some insulation done, we will not look for any other company, because we know this will be done right. We really have confidence in them.”
“They are very good and very efficient. They do what they say they will do and deliver. The people are friendly, nice, thorough, and professional. I'd grade them as an A+.”
“They were very responsive, and I think they did a good job. They did energy auditing and insulation work. I'd give Energy Efficiency Experts an A rating.”
“They were very thorough and knowledgeable. They did a home energy audit. They were A+. I would gladly recommend them.”
“Pascale and her assistant were very nice and thorough. They did an energy audit, but they have not done the insulation work yet. They deserve an A+. I have already recommended them.”
“They returned my call quickly, were very friendly, and answered all my questions. They're coming this afternoon actually. They only did the audit, and now we're discussing them doing the insulation work for me. They get an A from me.”
“They were just very efficient and very informative. They did an energy audit for me. I'd give them an A.”
“I liked their efficiency. Energy Efficiency Experts did the energy audit for me. I'd grade them as an A.”
“It was a fine experience. Overall, they seemed very knowledgeable. They were pretty clear about when they were coming over and showed up on time. They did an energy audit. I'd give them an A rating. The assessment seemed fine.”
“They did the energy audit for me, and I felt it was useful. I guess they were an A. They are coming on Monday to do the insulation work.”