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Mister Sparky of Metro DC

3rd year as a Best Pick

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We know that you don't want just anybody coming into your home. Ask any of our customers, and they'll tell you that when our electricians arrive to solve your electrical problems, they'll be clean, courteous, and trustworthy as well as skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced. They do their job in a professional manner.

Michelle & Richard Moore | Co-owners

Areas Served:

Washington, DC

  • Services Offered
    Mister Sparky of Metro DC offers a range of electrical services for residential and commercial customers. The company repairs and installs wiring for ceiling and attic fans, outlets, light fixtures, smoke detector systems, fuse boxes, circuit breaker panels, water heaters, generators, hot tubs, washer and dryer circuits, and microwaves. Mister Sparky also provides emergency service, home inspection and code compliance repairs, and electrical troubleshooting.
  • Awards & Certifications
    Company owner Richard Moore is a Master Electrician.
  • Company History
    Owners Richard and Michelle Moore founded the company in 1992.
  • Employee Information
    Employees of Mister Sparky are background checked and drug tested and drive marked, fully stocked trucks. According to the company, all technicians receive training on a daily basis in code compliance, technical aspects, and customer service.
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They had to do an electrical inspection, and they went straight to the point. Overall, their customer service was excellent. I'd rate them the highest grade—A+.
It was kind of a quick assessment of the problem, and they dealt with it. They redid some of the outlets that were not working. This was the first time I've used them. Their customer service was excellent. I'd give them the top rating—A+.
The company is OK. The guy was nice, and he'd probably go the extra mile. They installed a phone line. I hadn't used them before, and that was the only thing they did. The customer service was excellent, and the person that worked for me was excellent, too.
They're always pretty quick to come out. I've used them twice now, and we've had the same technician both times. He's really friendly and explains things. They're not trying to rip us off or trying to sell us stuff we don't need, so it's been really positive. We've had some issues where we recently moved into a place, and the wiring for the electricity was not as good as we were led to believe, so they fixed that wiring. Some outlets had been blowing out. They were able to find a permanent solution, so that was nice. I'd give them an A.
I was very happy with Mister Sparky's company. They've done excellent work every time they've been here. They did the wiring in my house, and I'd say it was A-grade work.
They had a great technician that—in the end—satisfied all of the questions I needed to have answered regarding electrical issues. They wound up isolating two short circuits on the inside and outside that had disabled the electrical outlets. Their customer service was very good. I'd rate them excellent—A.
They arrived on time, and they did the job I asked in the time they said they would, so I have no complaints about that. I just wanted them to go to this property and fix it, and that's it. Basically, it was electrical work that they did. They had to reactivate some convenience outlets that had gone bad, they had to install two GFCIs in the bathrooms, and they had to install two outdoor outlets. I'd say it was excellent.
For one thing, the truck was on time for the appointment, and he had everything he needed to fix the different things. We had to call back twice, only because we had different things that we were getting done. They're a very good company. We had new electrical outlets put in, and we had a fan put in, but we found out after all these many years that it never was put in correctly. It only had a round box in the ceiling, and it required a square one. He ended up putting all that up there first before he could put up the brace to hold up the fan. I would rate them the highest I could.
We had them come for a couple of things, and it was positive because they did things like coming on time and fixing the situation. Both times, they repaired what we had them in for and were timely, and it was very positive. They were here twice. We'd had a broken fan, and we bought a new ceiling fixture light and replaced it, so they put the new light in for us and took the fan out. The other thing was, they put a new light in our dining room, and it was a complicated lamp. It was one of those super crazy kinds of lamp fixtures, and they were able to figure it out. It was great. They did A-grade work.
They were professional, they did the job quickly, and they showed up when they said they were supposed to show up. They were installing light fixtures. They get the top rating—they were top-notch. Everybody was friendly and very helpful. I'd give them an A.

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