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Holt Electrical Contractors, Inc.

1st year as a Best Pick

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We are a local, family-owned-and-operated company that provides state-of-the-art electrical and generator installation and repair services to customers like you. Our team of Master Electricians and professional technicians are commended for their high level of expertise and commitment to quality installations and dependable service.

John Holt | President

Areas Served:

Washington, DC

  • Services Offered
    Holt Electrical provides residential and commercial electrical installation and repair for panels, lighting, ceiling and attic fans, wiring, switches, outlets, heavy-ups, and meter replacements. The company also repairs code violations and offers automatic generator sales, service, and installation.
  • Warranty
    Holt Electrical offers a one-year warranty on labor and Holt-furnished parts.
  • Awards & Certifications
    Company president John Holt was recognized as a Patriotic Employer by Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve.
  • Organizations
    Holt Electrical is a member of the Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC). James Holt served as president of the IEC in 2012.
  • Employee Information
    Employees of Holt Electrical wear uniforms, drive marked vehicles, and undergo background checks and drug testing.
  • Licenses

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They're excellent. They're professional and on time, and they always send somebody out here when needed. They're just a great company. Most recently, I just had them do some electrical work inside; they did our generator. I found them through a referral from a family member. I'd give them an A+.
They were fantastic. They were great.
We'd hire them again in a heartbeat. In fact, we're planning on it. We've got some more work for them to do. They were installing light fixtures most recently. My wife used them originally. She just asked around to see if there was a good company, and Holt popped up, so she hired them. They installed outdoor floodlights for her. The guy was really nice and did really good work. In fact, when we moved here, we had to have work done, and we requested that the same guy come back out. The last guy they sent out was really great, too. We need some drywall work done, too, and they were able to recommend someone for us who we were really happy with. I'd absolutely give Holt an A+.
It was fine. I don't have any actual recollection of it, but we haven't had any problems with any of the work we had done.
They did work for me in December of last year. They did what I asked them to do, and it worked. I had them replace some light fixtures. I've used them for some years. I'd give the company an A grade.
They worked on the generator. He came last year. We have a contract, and he came and spent about an hour or two doing our generator. He was a very confident, very friendly fellow; he was methodical, and I like him a lot. It's a good company. We felt that the generator itself was a better generator than another company sells. We didn't know about Holt before that, but we liked the generator, so that's why we picked them. They're an A.
It was great. I liked that they came and fixed my stuff. I had them install an outlet in our apartment. Holt was a referral from one of the people in the building. I'd give them an A.
It's always been positive. I've been using them for several years for everything from faulty rear lighting to a problem with the dining room lights. I've been very pleased with their work. I've been using them consistently for a decade. They're an A-grade company.
They were great.
They're professional. You can count on the job being done and done correctly. They've done many jobs for me. Electrically heavy, small, large jobs—they've done it all.

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