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Martella Electric Company

4th year as a Best Pick

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"For the past 60 years, Martella Electric has had a reputation for honest, clean, courteous, and efficient service. We guarantee customer satisfaction through our commitments to straightforward, up-front pricing and on-time service. Our philosophy is that success comes from serving others."

Andrew Martella | Owner

Areas Served:

The Main Line, Delaware County

  • Services Offered
    Martella Electric offers electric service and repair for residential customers, including knob and tube rewiring, service upgrades, and panel replacements. Martella also installs recessed lighting, LED under-cabinet lighting, landscape lighting and design, backup generator systems, dedicated circuits for appliances, and wall-mounted TVs.
  • Warranty
    The company provides a three-year warranty on parts and labor.
  • Company History
    Brothers Andrew and Richard Martella head the family-owned-and-operated company. Their father, Carmen, founded Martella Electric in 1955 and still serves the company as a consultant.
  • Employee Information
    Martella electricians wear name tags and company uniforms featuring the Technician Seal of Safety, indicating they are drug tested, background checked, and professionally trained.
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The worker himself—I think his name was Mark—was exceptional. He was friendly, courteous, and polite, and he respected my home. I was impressed by his level of professionalism. They ran a dedicated line over the range. I would say Martella Electric is A+.
Martella Electric has done work for us. They were very knowledgeable and respectful of our home, they were on time, and they were extremely helpful. They just went over and above. They were actually here twice; they installed a range, and then they came back and installed a new electric panel. I'd recommend them to anybody because they're A+.
Mark was wonderful. He was very thorough and detailed, he explained what he was going to be doing before he actually did anything, and he was timely and very respectful. They replaced an old outlet. I would give them an A+. My uncle, who is a plumber, referred them because he had done business with them before.
They were on time, they did a great job, they installed perfectly whatever they had to do, and I'm satisfied. They have installed the remote control for my fence, and they also installed all of the fans for me. I would give them an A+.
I liked that they were clean—they put booties on their feet. They were early. They did exactly what we wanted and cleaned up perfectly. They did recessed lighting in our kitchen, and everything was absolutely perfect. They get an A+ grade.
Everything went well with Martella Electric. They came and did the job that I asked them to do. They put an electrical element on my roof to keep ice from forming, and everything was clean when they were done. The customer service was terrific.
Last summer, we had a relative emergency, and Martella Electric was there the next day. It happened during the hottest days of the summer, and they got it done within a few hours so that we could use our air conditioning. One of the people who works on our lawn recommended them. I would tell anyone that Martella Electric is local and reliable. They're certainly worth considering. I'd give them an A.
We used Martella Electric to do some work when we sold our last house. They replaced a couple of double tapped circuits and a couple of old wires to the circuit box. We were selling our house, so the buyer wanted to clean it up. They tucked a bunch of wires into the rafters of the basement and all that stuff. I think they were referred to us—maybe by our realtor. I'd rate them as excellent; I had no complaints.
Martella Electric showed up when they said they would show up, and the price was what they said it would be. They did electrical work. They've done several different things over the last several years, but it was all different types of electrical work. I would recommend them. I'll give them an A+.
They were prompt, they did what they said they were going to do, and they did it well. They cleaned up after themselves, and they followed up when they said they were going to. They did everything I would expect an electrician to do. In my new home, they installed a generator and wired some outlets. In my previous home, they rewired the whole house. That was a pretty big project. I've used them for a while. It's an A+ from me. It's all good.

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