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Hickerson Brothers Electric

6th year as a Best Pick

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"We continually train to keep up with technology changes. We provide the best service at the best price in a professional and timely manner. There are no hidden costs; we give options if they are available, and we stand behind our work."

Brian Hickerson | President

Areas Served:

Prince William, Fairfax County, Arlington County

  • Services Offered
    Hickerson Brothers Electric offers residential electrical services, including but not limited to additional outlet installation, panel replacements, lighting, rewiring, Ethernet wiring, surge protection, generator systems, and 24-hour emergency service.
  • Warranty
    Hickerson Brothers offers a one-year warranty on parts and labor and has a Safety and Savings Plan that includes a lifetime warranty on some devices provided and installed by the company.
  • Awards & Certifications
    Hickerson Brothers is an Eaton Certified Contractor and bears the Technician Seal of Safety designation. Brian Hickerson is a Master Electrician, and Alan Hickerson is a Journeyman Electrician.
  • Company History
    Founded in 1991, the company is owned and operated by brothers Brian and Alan Hickerson, who were trained in the industry by their father and uncles.
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I thought they were very professional. They cleaned up after themselves, and the older gentleman who came to give me the quote was super nice. I added one extra piece of work when they came out to do the job, and they said 'This is not a problem. We can do it. This is how much it's going to cost—is that OK?' I was like, 'Absolutely.' They were fantastic. They installed a fan for the lights in the living room, they installed two bathroom lights, and they fixed my outside electrical outlet. They're an A.
I had a new air conditioner put in the house, and they upgraded all of my electrical systems and really did a fantastic job. When the inspector came and looked at it, he said that he knows that everything is going to be perfect with Hickerson Brothers. They were an A.
They're prompt and accurate, and they know what they're doing. When they tell me they're going to be here at a certain time, they're here. I had a recent experience where they came through. I was out of town, and my neighbor told me that my backup generator had been on for three days. I hit the wrong switch when I left the house. I contacted Brian at Hickerson Brothers, and he promptly came out and turned off the generator. I mailed him a set of keys, and he came into the house to make sure that there was nothing wrong regarding the electrical work in the house. He discovered that I had turned off the house power inadvertently, and that's what happened to the generator. Service like that, you can't beat. I found out about them because they installed my neighbor's backup generator; when I was looking to do mine, I asked my neighbor, and he recommended Hickerson Brothers. I've been using them ever since. I would give them an A++.
They were very prompt, very efficient, very knowledgeable, and very honest and truthful. I liked their mannerisms as well. They're just terrific. When I purchased a new stove, they had to come and fix the electrical wiring for me. Then, I had some wiring that had not been properly done at my house, and they had to redo that. The father of a friend of mine had done electric work with them, and that's how I found out about them. I would definitely have to give them an A+. They're outstanding. I would use them again, and I have recommended them to a friend of mine who has said she wants to call them.
They fixed the problem, and the electrician did good work. They worked on an electric switch, and they wired the house. I chose them because they were the ones that rewired things to begin with. I would recommend them, and I would give them an excellent grade—an A.
They did a lot of stuff around the house. I had them install a fan and electrical outlets, and I had them wire some things. I've had no problems with any of it so far. It has been perfect. They get an A.
They were punctual. They did the work in the time they said they were going to do it in, and they cleaned up after themselves, so all of that was good. They installed two overhead lights. I would use them again in the future.
They installed some extra outlets so that I could put my TV up higher on the wall. There have been no problems with their work so far.
I liked everything about Hickerson Brothers Electric. They came and did what they needed to do, they were pleasant, they were proficient, they were on time, and they did what they were supposed to do well—there was nothing not to like. They did work for my father, and they did something simple for me. Whatever they fixed, they fixed well; in fact, I was going to call them to fix something else. They deserve an A+.
I liked the fact that they were very up front about their pricing. I needed something to be done relatively quickly, and they were able to come out the next day and arrange their appointments around it. They added an electrical outlet for a softener. Someone else in my family recommended them, and I would recommend them, too—they're definitely an A+.

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