2016 EBSCO Research Best Pick

Oakwood Electric & Generator

1st year as a Best Pick

  • A-Rated
  • Verified General Liability
  • Verified Workers' Comp

"Founded in 1955, Oakwood Electric & Generator is a third-generation, customer-focused contractor doing quality, custom electrical work. We pride ourselves on good communication, professionalism, and customer service. We offer value to our customers by providing excellent-quality electrical services at a reasonable price."

Robert Rheintgen | Owner

Areas Served:

Southwest Chicago Suburbs

  • Services Offered
    Oakwood Electric & Generator offers electrical services for residential and commercial customers. The company specializes in residential electrical service calls, new construction, additions, and home standby generator installation and servicing.
  • Awards & Certifications
    Oakwood Electric & Generator is an EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm and a Generac PowerPro Elite Dealer. The company received the Westmont Chamber of Commerce's Community Improvement Award in 2014. Owner Robert Rheintgen is certified in Lead Safety for Renovation, Repair and Painting and is a Qualified Gastite Installer.
  • Organizations
    Oakwood Electric & Generator is a member of Chamber 630 and the Westmont Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau.

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Everything was great. Everything was wonderful.
They did terrific. I liked the salespeople. They went above and beyond. I would give them an A.
I liked their salesperson. I thought he was excellent. They did an entire 7,000-square-foot. house. I found them through the builder. I think they're an A.
It's like you do nothing—at first, you approach them and say that you want their services, and they pretty much immediately can tell you what you need and how often. Then from there on, it's like you call the next year for the preventive maintenance service, and they know who's calling them. They say, 'We'll be out there in the week,' and you don't have to be home. It's idiotproof; they do their thing. They service my generator for the house. I would give them an A, definitely.
I was happy with the service. They did some electrical work. Someone gave us their name. They're an A.
They installed lighting, and they're just very professional and clean, did a good job, and have very courteous stuff. I'd toss them an A.
They did the backup generator. They came in at their estimate, they did the work professionally and on time, and I'm pleased with the way the system was installed and how it operates. I wouldn't have any hesitation to recommend them to anyone else. It's a backup generator in case the power fails, and they associated switches and electrical work with that, so it was heavy-duty electrician stuff. I would give them an A—we're pretty much hitting on all cylinders.
They were fine. They installed ceiling fans and switches. I'd grade them an A.
They're efficient, and we've never really had any problems with them. They've done the generator. I would give Oakwood an A.
They were fine. They were prompt, they did the work, and I had no problem. They put in some recessed lighting. They were recommended to me through where we bought the lights from. I would give them an A rating.

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