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OnTime Electric

3rd year as an EBSCO Research Best Pick

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"We understand your time is important, so we schedule in three different appointment windows, call before the technician arrives, and offer an OnTime guarantee. We also understand your home is important, so we always wear shoe covers, put down drop cloths, and clean up before leaving."

Kerry Adkins | President

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  • Services Offered
    OnTime Electric is a residential and commercial electrician offering a wide variety of services, including electrical safety inspections; complete home rewiring; troubleshooting of dead outlets, lights, or circuits; and replacement of worn or outdated fuse boxes and panels. The company also installs interior lighting, landscape and security lighting, automatic lighting control, dimmers, ceiling fans, outlets, telephone jacks, cable TV jacks, and whole-house surge suppression systems.
  • Services Not Offered
    The company does not service or repair appliances and electronic equipment.
  • Company History
    OnTime Electric was founded in 1975 by George Adkins and is currently owned by George's son Kerry, who runs the business with his wife and brother.
  • Employee Information
    The company states that employees must pass background checks and drug testing. OnTime technicians wear uniforms and drive marked vehicles.
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It was great. The technician, Bobby, was super nice and super clean. He was just great. I have no complaints with him, and if I ever need to use OnTime again, I'll ask for him. I would probably give him an A+.
OnTime has done work for me before, and it turned out well. What they fixed is still working. The technician brought his own rug so he could sit, because my yard was muddy. That was totally unexpected of him. He came prepared. There was nothing that should have gone differently. I'd give them the best grade possible.
They did a great job, and I'm very pleased. The electrician that came out was courteous and knowledgeable, and he did great work. There's really nothing that I can think of that I would like to see them improve upon. I would grade them an A+. You can't go wrong with OnTime.
Everything was great. They fixed the problem pretty quickly, and then they were out. Everything was good. I'd say they deserve an A+.
They came out and did a wonderful job. I didn't end up having them do the work; I just wanted to get their opinion. They did exactly what I asked them to do. I would give them an A+.
The technician they sent knew what he was doing. Even though I told him what my troubles were, he researched it and fixed the problem. I'd highly recommend them, and I would give them an A. I was very pleased with them.
They were really great to work with. Their customer service was good, and the technician who came out was just fantastic. He was very professional and did a good job. I am actually waiting for them to come back out for another project. I would give OnTime an A.
Things went great, as always. I've used OnTime on more than one occasion—it's not every day your electricity goes bad, so I think I've been using them over the last five years, if not a little more. There's really nothing that I'd like to see them change. I'd rate them an A+. They are good.
The work went fine. They came in, did their work, and didn't pressure me about anything. They just told me what they found and what needed to be done. They were excellent. I had no complaints. I would give OnTime an A+. They did their job fine, and they were very courteous. You couldn't ask for anything more.
They've come out and done some work for me before. They put on a new socket and a breaker box, and then they rewired the breaker box and put in new breakers. They were professional. They could have left without cleaning up all the breakers that were left over, but they took those. I haven't had to call them back since they were done. It was excellent, and I have no complaints. It's an A+ for them.

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