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Mighty Duct

1st year as a Best Pick

  • A-Rated
  • Verified General Liability
  • Verified Workers' Comp

"Our goal is to continually satisfy the customer. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I thought a job was not done well. We know that if we were paying for service, we would want the best, so that is what we do—we give the best. As a result, much of our business growth has been by word of mouth, and that means we do a good job."

Ronald Gray | President

Areas Served:

Greater Boston, MetroWest, North Shore, South Shore

  • Services Offered
    Mighty Duct performs dryer vent cleaning for residential and commercial customers. The company also cleans air ducts as well as duct vents, grates, and registers.
  • Awards & Certifications
    Company president Ronald Gray is certified as an Air Systems Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA).
  • Organizations
    Mighty Duct is a member of the NADCA.
  • Company History
    The local company was founded in 1994.
  • Employee Information
    Employees wear uniforms and drive marked vehicles.

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Mighty Duct came in and cleaned my dryer vent, and they were fine.
They did some work for me, and it was great. I liked that they came on time and that they did a very thorough job of cleaning out my dryer vents. I chose them because they were local, and in fact, I was going to call them back to clean out my heating ducts. They're a grade-A company.
I've had both my ducts and my dryer vent cleaned by Mighty Duct, and they get an A from me. The gentleman came when he said he was coming and was very clean with his work. I would definitely choose to have him come back.
Mighty Duct cleaned out my dryer vent because it wasn't working. I'd give them an A.
I found Mighty Duct through a condo association I was a trustee of. We had never cleaned the ducts on the dryer for 12 years, and it was a hideous fire hazard. They came out quickly, they did the dryer vent and duct cleaning, and they were very good. I had them come out the next year and do it again. They get an A in my book.
I had a great experience with Mighty Duct. They did duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning, and I'd recommend them highly. They were very clean, and they took off their shoes. They were also very polite and had good personalities. They did an excellent job. I'd rate them as an A+.
Mighty Duct was very thorough, very professional, and timely. Everything turned out the way I liked. They did the dryer vent as well as duct cleaning, and there was nothing wrong with the work they did. I would give them an A grade.
Mighty Duct cleaned the dryer vent, and everything went well. I called them at the last minute, but they were able to make it. They finished in time, which was the best thing. They did excellent work; I don't have any complaints. When we need the dryer vent cleaned again, they're who I will call.
I was OK with Mighty Duct. They were pleasant. They did dryer vent cleaning for me, and they educated me on how insurance companies feel about lint in a dryer vent. I'd give them an A+.
Mighty Duct did both dryer vents for me. They came out and did a good job, and I actually called them back to do it again this year. They're an A+ service.

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