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Professional Parking Lot Striping Inc.

4th year as a Best Pick

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We are a family-owned-and-operated business, and we pride ourselves on jobs done right. We go above and beyond to make our customers happy. This dedication to customer satisfaction is the reason why we receive so many referrals and repeat customers.

Scott Trieschman | Owner

Areas Served:

Montgomery, Howard, Anne Arundel, Prince George's

  • Services Offered
    Professional Parking Lot Striping Inc. specializes in asphalt maintenance, which includes seal coating, small asphalt repairs, crack sealing, and joint sealing for residential and commercial customers. For commercial customers only, the company provides line striping and installs parking lot signage and parking curbs. The company also performs concrete work.
  • Warranty
    Professional Parking Lot Striping Inc. offers a one-year warranty on all materials, including normal wear and tear.
  • Company History
    Professional Parking Lot Striping Inc. is a local, family-owned-and-operated business that was founded by Scott Trieschman in 1997.
  • Employee Information
    Employees of the company wear uniforms and drive marked vehicles.
  • Licenses
    MHIC #97584

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It's been a while—several years. It's been about four years. I'm satisfied with the work. I would recommend them. It's a commercial office building, and they had to stripe the parking lot and add a few direction arrows and handicapped symbols. They get an A.
It was fine. They seal-coated my asphalt driveway. I called them, they did an estimate, I called them back and had them do the job, and everything was fine. It was fine; I would grade them an A.
They sealed the driveway, and that was about it. They were on time and did a good job. I was referred by my neighbor. I'd give them an A.
We had some work done recently. I wasn't here, but they just covered it, and it's holding up good. My wife took care of it. I think my neighbor found the company, and we liked their driveway, so we chose them. I would grade their company an A.
They seal-coated my driveway and were just easy to deal with. They're an A.
They re-covered the driveway with asphalt or whatever it's called. They did what I wanted them to do.
Professional Parking Lot Striping did a beautiful job. There were so many things they did, and they did everything beautifully. I couldn't have been more pleased with their work. They resealed the driveway, and I'd give them an A+.
The guys from Professional Parking Lot Striping are easy to deal with, and they have a nice product. They sealed and striped the parking lot, and their customer service was great. They earned an A grade.
Professional Parking Lot Striping resealed my driveway, and they stuck to the timeline that they promised. I would give them an A rating.
Professional Parking Lot Striping filled our driveway, and it was easy—I didn't have to worry about anything. They're an A-level company.

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