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Sundecks, Inc.

3rd year as a Best Pick

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"At Sundecks, Inc., we have built our reputation for creative design, high-quality workmanship, and on-time performance within budget one satisfied customer at a time. From the time you call us until your project is complete, you will be treated in a polite and professional manner."

Dennis Baker | Owner

Areas Served:

Prince William, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Arlington County

  • Services Offered
    Since 1979, Sundecks, Inc., has specialized in building outdoor structures, including wood and composite decks, screened porches, gazebos, front porches, and sunrooms. The company also builds first- and second-story additions, finishes basements, and performs whole-house remodeling.
  • Services Not Offered
    Sundecks, Inc., does not offer cleaning, sealing, or staining services. The company performs repairs for existing customers only.
  • Warranty
    Sundecks, Inc., provides a one-year warranty on workmanship and a two-year structural warranty.
  • Awards & Certifications
    Sundecks, Inc., is a Certified WOLF PRO contractor and a TrexPro Gold contractor.
  • Organizations
    The company is a member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).
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I liked their craftsmanship, creativity, and willingness to work with the client. We had them make several changes to the deck, like putting a platform over the window instead of just putting a staircase straight through it, down to the ground. They were personable, professional people, they had a good selection of materials, and they were very patient as we went through all of their materials trying to figure out what would be the best alternative. We talked to a number of other vendors, but Sundecks had the widest selection of materials, and they had the willingness to work with us and point out particular features. They cleared things early on, and that was very helpful. Also we put windows in the basement, and we really didn't want to look out of our windows and see columns, so he was able to rearrange the columns so they would not be straight lines. They fixed it structurally as well. I would give the company an A+ rating for a great experience.
They did a very excellent job of putting the pieces together and cutting the parts to fit the house. It was efficiently and carefully done. They built a deck with a walkway. I found them in Best Pick Reports. I would definitely give them an A grade.
They were very thorough in the explanation that they provided. The quality of the deck installation was very good, given the weather elements and the time frame that it was installed in—they fought cold weather, freezing rain, and snow and finished it in two and a half days. I would give them an A+ rating.
Everything's fine. There was a complaint about one of the beams cracking, and they checked it out, and it was nonstructural, so it was no big deal. I would give them a good A rating because they did a good job.
It was done in a timely manner, and I liked the quality of the work. They put a new deck on my home. I found them through a recommendation. I would give them an A rating.
The experience was great. They took the old deck down and built a new one. I would give them an A grade.
They scheduled an appointment for an estimate quickly, and they got started within just a few weeks—even in the middle of the summer, when they're busiest. They built a deck, about 16 feet by 12 feet. It was just a plain rectangle—flat and not multilevel, with just three stairs off the side. The deck still looks great, and I haven't had to call them back. I would rate them an A.
We had some repairs done to the deck when we put the house on the market, and it sold, so the buyers were very happy with how the deck looked. The original materials had some defects that showed up a few years after we had the deck first installed, but they handled the claim expeditiously, and they provided the new materials; everything worked fine. I was happy with the responsiveness of the company and how they accepted the new materials and installed them. I would give the company an A rating.
Overall, I think their workmanship was very good, and they did the work well the first time. This is coming from someone who had a huge addition put on, which was a nightmare. This time, it was really nice to have someone come in and really do their job right the first time. I was very happy; I would hire them again if I needed them. They put in a screened-in porch, and they did electrical outlets and a fan right off the house. I would give them an A rating.
The person that did it took his time and paid attention to detail, and I think he did a really good job. I had confidence in him. They tore out an old white porch and put in a tongue-and-groove polyethylene front porch that needed pitch in it. I found out about the company through a referral from a masonry company. They get an A.

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