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Articles in Home Inspection Services
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Before buying a home, it’s important for homebuyers to know what they’re getting into. Part one of this guide listed seven common problems that home inspectors find in a house that’s on the market. After receiving the home inspection report, homebuyers can then negotiate...
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Getting a home inspection before purchasing a house is an absolute necessity. With all the cosmetic work and touch-ups that home sellers do, it can be hard for an untrained eye to spot potential problems. Fortunately, investing in a certified home inspection can ensure that the...
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Shopping for a house is overwhelming enough, but scouring the market for your dream home takes things to a whole new level. Though the concept of a dream home tends to inspire visions of something like a beachfront mansion with an indoor/outdoor swimming pool and...
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Home inspections are conducted by an objective third party. Inspectors are typically hired by a home buyer during a purchase, but home inspections can be performed anytime. The inspection is visual and noninvasive, meaning the inspector will investigate the...
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