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Select Kitchen & Bath

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At Select Kitchen & Bath, we offer a wide range of kitchen and bath materials for all levels of projects. We enjoy an excellent reputation for the personal service and quality workmanship that we deliver throughout the entire design and remodeling process. We'll do everything we can to help you, and we look forward to working with you.

Rick Kimmel | Owner

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Washington, DC

  • Services Offered
    Select Kitchen & Bath provides complete kitchen and bathroom design and remodeling as well as structural alterations and additions.
  • Warranty
    The company offers a five-year workmanship warranty.
  • Awards & Certifications
    Select was named one of America's Top Remodelers by Professional Remodeler in 2013 and 2014, and members of the company's sales team were featured in the National Kitchen & Bath Association's 30 Under 30 list and Professional Remodeler's 40 Under 40 Class of 2015.
  • Organizations
    The company is a member of the National Kitchen & Bath Association and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.
  • Employee Information
    According to the company, all projects are managed and installed by company employees, and only licensed trade professionals are subcontracted for electrical or plumbing work.
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Select Quotes from Customer Interviews

A selection of 85 homeowner reviews:


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They did quite a bit of work. They redid our bathroom for our master bedroom. Even though it's a very small room, they really did a good job. They did advance planning, measurements, and decision making for cabinets, tile patterns, and plumbing. They got started on it the first week of January. At that point, everything was fine. The best person in that company—and I really want to make sure he gets credit for it—is a craftsman by the name of Tor. He has absolutely outstanding qualifications for everything. He did meticulous work like covering the floors and making sure they didn't scratch up our hardwood floors when they were bringing in stuff. Basically, we redid everything. We had to take out flooring, plumbing, old tile, etc. He took care of all that and kept the plaster from being too bad even though you're going to get some of it, and he was very, very neat. Everything he did was just perfect. He really deserves lots of credit for our positive experience because we had more contact with him than anyone else. If anything was a drawback, it was that the commode that was purchased kept leaking. The plumber came back a couple of times. Both times, it still kept leaking. It was minor, but it was still a problem. Eventually, they had to take it out, replace it, and reinstall it. That meant that the job took a few weeks longer than anticipated. Because of that delay, they pulled Tor off to get started on another job. The man who replaced him just didn't really do the job. Tor came back, and in one day, he got it all cleaned up, straightened up, sorted out, and ready to go. I would give them an A++ for Tor and an A- because of the problems with the plumbing, the other guy who came in, and the delays. I know that things happen. I don't want to sound hypercritical, but it happened, and that's part of my evaluation. We have been using Best Pick Reports, and Select was the company my husband looked at and said, 'I think this one is the best one.' He based it on the reviews that he read in that book. I cannot say enough good about Select's gentleman, Tor. I'm totally amazed that in this day and age, there is somebody who is such a master craftsman. That is very rare. Best Pick Reports' service is really valuable.
I love Select. My entire experience with them has been positive. They're dependable, clean, and nice, and they do a fantastic job—I can't praise them enough. They remodeled the bathroom, and they put new counters in the kitchen. I chose them because they had done a marvelous job remodeling a bathroom at my daughter's house. I was so happy with what happened there that I never gave anyone else a chance. They're an A+ company.
Select Kitchen & Bath did a job for me last year. Basically, they stuck to the plan. The guys showed up every day, worked very dedicatedly, and finished the project on time. That's what I liked. It was a custom kitchen installation. They ripped out the existing one and inserted new cabinets and countertops. We didn't change the appliances, but they reinstalled them. They also did additional work in the living room going into the kitchen. The customer service was excellent. The worker was terrific. Sometimes, the project manager was a little bit not reachable, but most of the time, he communicated. He was reachable through email, and he was pretty responsive, too. Their prices are a little bit higher, but the reviews are positive, so we thought we'd get a good experience. I'd definitely grade them as an A+.
Everybody from Select was very positive and helpful. They really are a wonderful group, and the work they did was high quality. They did two bathrooms for me, and I'm very pleased—A+.
Select did our kitchen remodel for us, and we are very pleased with the outcome. We love our kitchen, and we loved the lead person who was working on our project. Everything was done well, and the design group was fantastic. I'd give them an A.
It was wonderful. I thought they were very responsive to our needs. They thought outside the box, and most importantly, they came in on time and on budget. They redid our kitchen as well as the flooring on our first floor. After meeting with them and getting their proposal, we thought they would do the best job for the best price. I'd rate them as an A.
Select did a very nice job. They were very professional and very thorough, and the customer service was excellent. They renovated a master bathroom for me. I chose them because of reviews I read about them. I'd give them an A+.
They gave us a reasonable proposal, and they followed it up. They worked with us as far as the timing was concerned. The shower pan was leaking, so they replaced the base of the shower and put in new shower doors. The customer service was excellent. They were always available for any questions or issues. I chose them because the other company gave us a price and proceeded to tell us what they weren't going to do, as opposed to Select, who gave us a price and said what that included. I would say they're A-rate.
Select's quality of work made my experience positive. It was a bathroom remodel. The customer service was good, and they were responsive. I chose them because of reviews. I'd give Select Kitchen & Bath an A.
They were very attentive, and they did a great job. They remodeled our kitchen and two bathrooms. It was a total teardown, and we built it back up. They were recommended to us by friends. They earned an A grade.

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