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Integrity Home Pro

1st year as a Best Pick

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We want working with Integrity Home Pro to be the best experience you have ever had with a contractor. We were built on the Golden Rule, and we continue to stand on it—'Do unto others as you would have them do to you.'

Danny Peterson | President

Areas Served:

Montgomery, Howard, Anne Arundel, Prince George's

  • Services Offered
    Integrity Home Pro is a full-service home improvement company that serves residential customers. In addition to a wide variety of home remodeling services, the company performs full kitchen and bathroom remodels, including the installation of countertops, custom cabinetry, flooring, and acrylic walls. Integrity Home Pro offers free estimates and uses kitchen design software to create design perspectives.
  • Warranty
    The company offers a ten-year transferable labor warranty on all replacement services.
  • Company History
    Integrity Home Pro was founded in 2003.
  • Employee Information
    Crews wear uniforms and undergo background checks and drug testing.
  • Licenses
    MHIC #121945

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I would rate them very highly—they're the best. They did just one job for me. I called them for another job at one time, and they came all the way out, examined it, told me what to do, and said that I shouldn't have to pay anybody to do it. I would have paid for the work, but the guy was very honest, and that's why I would call them again.
The gentleman who represented the company—who didn't do the work but came out there—was very thorough in what he did. When he came out and showed me where the water leaks were, I was very impressed with him. I'd give the company an A grade.
Integrity Home Pro did a great job—everything was perfect. The guy that came out to do the service was very personable. He gave me a quote, and he stayed within the quote. He was flexible about making the pieces fit. He was very good. He came when he said he was going to come, and he was efficient. He took out an old dishwasher and installed a new dishwasher. He removed a kitchen faucet and a sink, and he put in a new faucet and a sink. It was a lot of plumbing stuff. They're a grade-A company to me.
I recommend Integrity Home Pro. When they made a mistake, they fixed it immediately. They're nice people, and Danny's a good guy. They have my strong recommendation. They're professional and all that stuff.
Those that worked on it seemed very knowledgeable, and it was an easy process in terms of picking out fixtures and everything I needed for the space. They were recommended to me for another job—a window replacement job. I would give them an A.
The overall service was good.
Integrity Home Pro was fine. I had no problem with that company.
They installed a new bathtub. They were courteous and on time, and they did the job OK. Everything is working fine. I would recommend that others use them. They get an A.
They made an effort to get back and finish as soon as they could. They did a bathroom remodel. The cleanup was good. They were recommended to me, and I would recommend them as well. I'd rate them as an A.
They delivered on what they promised, and the work was quality. They replaced a window in the bathroom, and I would say they get an A-.

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