2016 EBSCO Research Best Pick

Texas Remodelers & Builders, Inc.

2nd year as a Best Pick

  • A-Rated
  • Verified General Liability

"Our goal is to provide you with the finest custom kitchen and bathroom remodeling experience by making the design process easy and fun. Our professionals provide only the highest-quality workmanship, and we find great pleasure in being a part of creating a space you will enjoy."

Aaron Dowdy & John Hamby | Co-owners

Areas Served:

North Dallas, Southlake/Grapevine/Colleyville, Flower Mound/Lewisville/Highland Village

  • Services Offered
    Texas Remodelers & Builders is a full-service remodeling company that specializes in custom kitchen and bathroom remodeling, including design and installation of custom hardwood cabinets, natural stone countertops, plumbing fixtures, painting, flooring, and lighting.
  • Minimum Job
    All jobs require a $5,000 minimum.
  • Awards & Certifications
    The company has won City of Plano Housing Rehabilitation Program awards for Outstanding Customer Service and Excellent Customer Satisfaction.
  • Organizations
    Texas Remodelers & Builders is a member of the Coppell Chamber of Commerce.
  • Company History
    The local company has served residential customers since 1999. The owners each have over 20 years of experience in the remodeling industry, and they personally oversee every project from start to finish.

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The service was very quick. They did everything for me. They contracted with the city and did roofing, siding, the water heater, the A/C, floors, and the bathroom. They also did the heating and air system as well. I chose them over a different company because a friend recommended them. I would recommend them to family and friends also. They'd get an A+.
They were just very friendly and professional. They listened to the things we wanted done, and if we had any concerns, they addressed them quickly for us. They did a shower remodel for us. I would recommend them to family and friends and rate them as an A+.
It was absolutely positive. They were doing a number of things—windows, painting, siding, plumbing, bath, and floors. I looked at three different companies through the city, and that one seemed to be the most professional. They just won me over. The two gentlemen that talked to me made me feel secure that they'd do a good job. They get an A on quality.
I'd absolutely give them an A. They did a bathroom shower tear-down and remodel.
They did a really good job. When he said he'd be there, he was always there. He showed up on time for every appointment with me. They did the bathroom and outside ceiling, and then they put in two new doors—the outside door, and the front door. They're an A.
They did a good job. When I saw some things that weren't done right, they came back and did it without any questions, so that's a good sign. They made my master bath into a shower. I'd give them an A.
It was very positive. They redid our bathroom. They were very prompt. When they said they were going to show up, they showed up, and they worked until pretty late in the evening and got the job done as quickly as possible. The guys that worked and did the job were very friendly. We actually found them in the Best Pick Reports.
Texas Remodelers & Builders has done a wonderful job, and they've been really nice. They are doing pretty much the entire house—my kitchen, all of my baths, and the painting. It's a big remodeling project. I like them because they listen well, and the customer service is excellent. They stayed an extra hour with me and the paint consultant to help me pick out colors, and they always take the time to make sure I get what I want—A+.
They were very honest about the remodeling work, and they did a very high-quality job. They remodeled the master bath and another bathroom; they totally ripped up the floor and put in the shelves and the countertop, and they also did some painting work. They're definitely excellent. I would give them an A+.
The owners are very wonderful. They did a multitude of projects for me, and they get an A+. They worked hard and were sweet.

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