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Oliver Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical

4th year as a Best Pick

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"Oliver continues to differentiate itself through its unique positioning, strong history, and ongoing commitment to providing superior and unparalleled customer service. As a character-based company, we not only stand behind our work, we give back to our community. Your peace of mind is our first priority."

Joe Oliver | Founder

Areas Served:

Montgomery County, Chester County, The Main Line, Delaware County

  • Services Offered
    Oliver Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical installs, repairs, and services most types of HVAC equipment for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. The company also offers plumbing, electrical, home remodeling, and indoor air quality services. Oliver does not charge overtime fees.
  • Warranty
    Oliver honors manufacturers' parts warranties and offers up to a ten-year parts-and-labor warranty on newly installed equipment and a two-year warranty on all repairs.
  • Awards & Certifications
    Oliver employs NATE-certified technicians and has received multiple Best of Delco awards from the Delaware County Daily Times.
  • Company History
    Since 1971, the family-owned-and-operated company has provided service to customers in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey.
  • Product Information
    Oliver sells and services all brands of equipment.
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I'll use Oliver again. They were quick, and the guy that came out was super professional and very friendly. He was accurate, and he did a good job. They did maintenance on my air conditioner. I'd give them an A+.
They are excellent. They were honest, thorough, and prompt, and they didn't try to oversell me on anything. They cleaned up well. Everything was a positive experience, overall. They replaced our whole heating and air conditioner system with a heat pump, and they continue to do things like vent cleaning and servicing our unit when it needs it. They've done a number of services. I'd grade them as an A+.
I think they're very thorough, and if there's I have an issue with, they're right there. They've done my heater, hot water, and my air conditioner. That is a combination of everything. I chose them over a different company because my girlfriend had them for years. I would give them an A++.
I use Oliver as a service for my heating, air conditioning, electric, and plumbing. I have the platinum program, which is the best that they offer, and they live up to the name. Whenever I have a problem, they make sure that they're out here expeditiously, whether there's ten inches of snow or no snow in the winter, and it's the same in the summer. All the service people have been very hospitable and courteous, and they're very clean when they come out to my home. Just recently with the air conditioning unit, they came to change the filters. They do all of that. They check the external air conditioner, they washed out the condenser, and they also change the filters. They're an A.
Oliver put in a new heating and central air system, and they were accurate and informative. They wore shoe covers into the house; they took them off when they went out and put them back on when they came back in. They cleaned up after themselves. They did exactly what the contract said they were going to do. There were no hidden fees or extras as they progressed with the job. I chose them over a different company because they had been bought out by the company that I had been dealing with. The same sales gentleman who'd done other work was still employed by them. He felt comfortable with the new company, and I went with them. I'd give them an A+, particularly for their customer service.
They did quite well. They did a great job. I would definitely recommend them, and I would definitely use them again. They did work for my air conditioner unit. They replaced parts, cleaned out the unit, and gave me my air back.
We were very happy with Oliver. They knew what they were doing, and they did it. They provided air conditioning service for me, and they installed it. It was fine, and we were happy with them.
I liked their quick response, and they were easy to schedule. They did a checkup and a tune-up for my HVAC. I have been using them since I moved into the house two months ago. They get an A grade.
The salesman was a very reasonable and personable guy. The work proceeded as planned, and everyone was courteous and followed up with any issues we had. We talked to a couple of contractors about one job, and I thought Oliver's plan was much more sensible given the choices. We had two things that they did. The first was to put in a new boiler, and that was under duress because it had failed in the winter, and it was a very cold season. They did that in a very timely fashion and provided us with space heaters in the meantime. The second job was to put in an air conditioning unit less than a year later. Based on the first experience, we had them in for a second experience. I have recommended them to family and friends. I'd give them an A.
I always have a good experience with Oliver. They're pretty reliable. They show up when I have an appointment on schedule, and they're always polite. They service my air conditioner and heater. I have a contract, so they regularly maintain it and service it any time I have any problems. I've been with them for several years now. I had them at my old house as well. I would recommend them because I think they're great. I'd give them an A.

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