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Winstar Home Services (formerly Patriot Electric)

1st year as a Best Pick

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Our promise to you: we will do everything we can to over-deliver on each and every job. We will do it with a smile because we have an attitude of gratitude and are thankful for every opportunity we have to serve our clients.

Talbot Watkins III | President

Areas Served:

Montgomery, Howard, Anne Arundel, Prince George's

  • Services Offered
    Winstar Home Services, formerly known as Patriot Electric, provides residential HVAC installations, repairs, and maintenance with air quality service; residential electrical services such as installations, repairs, and maintenance; residential plumbing installations, repairs, and maintenance; and bathroom remodeling services.
  • Company History
    Talbot started Winstar Home Services in 1995 as a one-man business and has expanded it to over 60 employees and 30 trucks. Patriot Electric rebranded as Winstar Home Services in 2015.
  • Employee Information
    According to the company, employees of Winstar Home Services are thoroughly trained, background checked, and drug tested annually. Before each appointment, homeowners receive a confirmation email containing a photograph of the service provider.
  • Licenses
    MD HVAC 01-2278

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We are very happy with Winstar Home Services. They come very quickly, they are very efficient, and they do the work very well. They explain what they are doing and why. I am very pleased with their work, and they are very friendly and very helpful. I've been using them for a long time, and they're definitely an A.
Winstar Home Services was on time, they were professional and friendly, and they got the job done. They sent me an email with a picture of the technician who was going to come out and do the job, which I thought was great. I would rate them as a solid A.
Winstar Home Services was timely and professional, they got the work done very quickly and efficiently, and they didn't leave a mess. They were great, overall. I would give them an A.
They were timely and professional. They did a bunch of little things, and they were just very nice and professional. I would rate them as an A.
They came just in time when they said they would be here, and the guy that came seemed to be very knowledgeable.
I would give them an A grade.
They did work for me, and it was fine. They're an A.
Winstar did a good job. They were really neat, and they did good work. They were reliable, and I felt that they communicated well. I would give them an A+. They're a company I'd recommend to friends.

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