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Universal Home Experts

4th year as a Best Pick

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"With background checks, drug tests, and ongoing training, you can be sure only the best technicians will come to your home. Our technicians focus on your safety, the protection of your home, and a permanent solution to your air conditioning and heating issues with a no-risk, 100 percent satisfaction guarantee."

Ed Valot | Owner

Areas Served:

West Houston Suburbs, North Houston Suburbs, Fort Bend County & Southwest Houston, The Heights/Midtown

  • Services Offered
    Universal Home Experts services, repairs, and replaces many varieties of air conditioning and heating systems. The company also provides Freon leak detection, indoor air quality services, insulation, and energy-efficient heating and cooling systems.
  • Warranty
    The company offers warranties of up to five years on labor and up to ten years on equipment.
  • Company History
    Ed Valot began the local company in 1992. He has over 25 years of home service experience.
  • Employee Information
    Employees wear uniforms and drive marked vehicles. The company states that it background checks and drug tests its technicians in order to ensure homeowner safety.
  • Product Information
    Universal Home Experts repairs and installs most major brands of electric, heat pump, and gas HVAC products.
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They performed a checkup of my air conditioning and heating system, and electrical. The checkup came free with work they performed last year, and they kept reminding me it was due, even though they knew they would not be paid. The office informed me when it appeared the previous job might make the service person late. He was, in fact, prompt, knowledgeable, and did not press me for any other business.
Universal Home Experts did air conditioner repair. I was given three estimates to choose from, instead of the standard one most companies give. Positive experience—friendly and professional staff.
Universal Home Experts' technicians serviced and replaced HVAC parts. Professional service—the technician communicated well, and office personnel called to ask about job performance.
I liked the job that Universal Home Experts did here. I had no complaints about it, and I could give them a good rating. They combined with other companies, so they've got a wide variety of services. We've had them work on various things in the past, so we were familiar with them. I had no complaints about their customer service, and I don't recall anything that I wasn't happy with.
I like their professionalism. They did some routine annual check for the plumbing and electrical. I've been using them for five years. They've done heating and air conditioning work for me as well. What stands out about their customer service is the people that they send to the job—they're knowledgeable. I like the one-stop shopping.
Universal Home Experts does our air conditioning and heating yearly inspections, and they've installed some air conditioning units. Their customer service is very good. We've had very good luck with all the people in Best Pick Reports. I would give them an A.
They are pretty quick and easy to get ahold of. I've been using them for less than a year. Over the last year, they did the plumbing, A/C, and electrical. If a friend or neighbor asked me about them, I'd give them the lowdown on my experience.
I like that Universal Home Experts came on time. He was very accurate with the diagnostic, and they fixed it the same day. It worked out just fine. They came to service my A/C. He changed a pipe because there was a leak in one of the rooms. We'd recommend the company. It was fine.
I liked the responsiveness and that they had follow-up calls. After a service technician came out, they had someone from their office immediately call and make sure that everything was well—I really liked that. They did a lot. They did plumbing and HVAC work, and they actually did a little electrical work, too. I found the company when I saw a truck down the street, and it was one company that did all the things that I needed. I thought that was perfect. They're an A.
I thought Joe was good. Joe came out to the house and did a good job. He unplugged my A/C drain line. I'd give them an A grade.

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