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"Our mission is to provide 100 percent customer satisfaction, and every one of our employees is committed to service. We strive to improve the lives of our customers and our employees, and failure is not an option. Our success has come from trying to be the best of the best."

Wilbur Doonan | President

Areas Served:


  • Services Offered
    Wilbur's installs, repairs, and services all brands of air conditioning and heating systems. Wilbur's also repairs and installs generators and provides plumbing service.
  • Specializations
    The company specializes in electronic Freon leak detection and furnace inspection.
  • Warranty
    Wilbur's offers up to a 10-year warranty on parts and labor for air conditioning and heating work, a 12-year warranty on water heaters, and an 18-month warranty on toilet rebuilds.
  • Awards & Certifications
    Technicians are certified by the EPA, OSHA, RSES, NATE, Carrier, and Bryant as well as by the Alabama Plumbers & Gas Fitters Examining Board, the Alabama Power HVAC Training Center, and the State of Alabama Board of Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Contractors.
  • Company History
    Wilbur's was founded as a plumbing company in 1979 by Wilbur Doonan, and he expanded the company to include HVAC services in 1985. Wilbur remains active in the day-to-day operation of the company and is assisted by several family members.
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They did some work for me, and that work went very well. They just checked out the air conditioning systems that I had in my house. They did a good job for me, and I recommend calling them. I would say I had a positive experience with Wilbur's. I would rate them an A+.
The work Wilbur's did was fine. They were very good. They did air conditioning for me. The customer service was excellent. They are very honest and seem to be very reliable. I would say that I had a good experience with Wilbur's. I would give them an A+.
It was fine. They were very nice and knowledgeable, and I was pleased with the service. They did seasonal maintenance—they replaced filters and coils, and he installed a condensation pipe so that the condensation drains out of the house. I would give them an A.
Wilbur's was great. The air conditioning unit was not working, and the technician came in and fixed it within five minutes. I chose them instead of another company because they could come out the very next day. They came, they were courteous, and they were fast. We would definitely recommend them, and I would definitely give them an A+.
The system has been working good since Wilbur's was here. We needed more Freon. I would recommend them; the customer service and technicians were very polite. I had no complaints, so I'd rate them an A+.
It went really well when they came out. They are in charge of my air conditioner, and it was low on Freon. They checked out my system and gave me some advice on how to take care of it. I was really pleased with them. They came out, they didn't try to push any sales on me, and they gave me some good information. I was pleased with them. Usually, air conditioning companies are out to sell you a new system, but I wasn't pressured about doing anything. I was well satisfied. I'd give them an A+.
They did a great job. They came out right away and fixed our problem. They were friendly and helpful. It was a great experience. They fixed the compressor on our air conditioning unit—it went out, and they replaced it. I chose them instead of another company because of their overall reputation. I would definitely recommend giving them a call and using them. I'd give them an A+.
They got through doing a bunch of stuff two weeks ago. It's good. I like using them. They're nice, and they're good. They have replaced a unit, fixed a unit, checked three units, worked on an icemaker, and done a home inspection in a condo unit—they've done a bunch of work. I chose them instead of another company because somebody told me about them. They're clean, honest, and nice—I called and told Wilbur that the other day. I'd give them an A+.
Wilbur's was great. They're good. They do a lot of my work. I like their customer service, the technicians, and Wilbur, whom I've talked to on several occasions. He's the owner, and he's a good guy—he's come here on Saturdays and Sundays, and we like him. They went above and beyond for us. They do the air conditioning and plumbing. I'd give them an A+.
The work went fine. The A/C itself wasn't bad, but there was a problem with the circuit board, and the technician replaced it. He was in and out. He was a friendly guy, and he did a great job. He was friendly and polite, fixed it as fast as he could, and went out. I'd say they rate an A.

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